3D Robotics Aero-M

3D Robotics Aero-M Review

If you are looking for a drone that is perfect for providing data acquisition solutions to a variety of industries, such as construction, land and resource management and agriculture, how about purchasing a 3D Robotics Aero-M? According to 3D Robotics, this drone is specifically created and designed for industrial mapping. To know more about it, this full review on 3D Robotics Aero-M will give you a deeper insight of what this drone is all about.

The Truth About the 3D Robotics Aero-M

3D Robotics is proud of Aero-M since it is one of their high performance Mapping Platforms, along with X8-M. This high performance mapping platform works in 3 ways – plan, fly and process. With the help of its flight planning software, you can plan its flight path and do a calculation as to which photos to take. During the flight, the Aero-M automatically captures images and then geo-tag each one of them in order to note their accurate location. When it lands, you can automatically make ortho-rectified 2D mosaic map with the images taken.

Needless to say, this drone is helpful to those professionals and businesses that work in the mines, construction sites and farms. One of the best things about this drone is the fact that it features low-flying, high accuracy mapping.

Specs And Features

Up to 40-minute flight time

Digital airspeed sensor

500g (1.1 lbs) payload capacity

Pixhawk autopilot system

2 flight batteries (4S 6000 mAh 35C LiPo)

2820 830 kV tiger motor

Henge MD933 servos

22 mph minimum speed

Gemfan 11×7 propeller

3D Robotics Aero-M review

Aside from the ones mentioned above, when you purchase the drone it includes a travel case, Canon S100 that comes with custom 3DR EAI software, ground station radios, spare parts kits and Pix4Dmapper LT 3DR Edition. Its camera features high resolution 12 megapixels.

Why Opt For 3D Robotics Aero-M?

You can find various reasons why you will love the Aero-M.

High Performance Software – Businesses and professionals can greatly benefit from Aero-M since it utilizes a powerful software known as the Pix4Dmapper. Another great thing about this software is that it is easy to use yet a high performance one. If you opt for the upgraded version of the software, it supports 3D imaging.

Professional, High Resolution Mapping – With its high performance camera and software, the Aero-M is a reliable partner in high resolution mapping. Fly your drone and zoom in from the sky in order to get details on the ground.

How Much Is 3D Robotics Aero-M?

You surely wanna know how much this drone is. The Aero-M drone costs $5,400. On the other hand, a Pro version of the unit offering the 3D mapping technology can be purchased and it can cost you $10,400.

Needless to say, this drone is a cost-effective partner in the industrial sectors. Businesses and professionals do not need to hire an expensive private plane or helicopter in order to gain aerial perspective on mines, construction sites, farms, etc.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.



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