3DRobotics X8+

3D Robotics X8+

3D Robotics X8+ Review

Being one of the leaders in producing high performance drones, 3D Robotics has been doing its best to develop and market innovative and reliable personal drones for business applications and day to day exploration. The 3D Robotics X8+, for instance, is a quality piece of hardware that meets the expectations of savvy drone enthusiasts all across the world. With its specs and features, this drone is something to look forward to. This full review on 3D Robotics X8+ will tell you more significant information about this unit.

3D Robotics X8+ – Specs And Features

Up to 15 minutes flight time

Over 2kg maximum take off weight

Fully-automated flight control

915MHz Telemetry Frequency

3D Robotics X8+ review

The 3D Robotics X8+ is a perfect gadget for doing surveys, transporting small goods, 3D modeling, mapping and aerial photography. This particular drone comes with a redundant propeller system in order to provide flight protection and reliability. Its Pixhawk autopilot system makes use of GPS navigation, NuttX real-time operating system and ST Microelectronics processor and sensor technologies. It is known as a ready-to-fly multicopter that comes with a reliable lifting power.

Another great thing about this unit is its “Follow Me” feature. With this functionality, it will follow a GPS beacon at a particular angle and altitude.

3D Robotics X8+ – The Advantages It Can Offer

A Portable Drone For Your Activities

One of the things you will love about this drone is its portability. When you are done flying it, you can fold the propeller arms and legs. This way, you can store and transport the drone with ease. Needless to say, you can transport the unit from one place to another. This drone is suitable for on-site use in a variety of areas, including agriculture, construction, mining and other related sites.

A Reliable Drone With Robust Design

The X8+ is suitable for repeatable real world use. Since it comes with a sturdy aluminum frame, it can be used for various purposes. Yet, the unit is light enough to enable aerial mobility.

Payloads You Can Customize

This drone supports GoPro aerial photo and video. As a matter of fact, it features unlocks options for attaching professional cameras, sensors and gimbals. Aside from this, it can generate extremely precise maps and 3D models. It can also generate point clouds and take repeatable flight paths.

The Ability To Carry Heavier Cameras

This is probably one of the things you will definitely love about this drone. Unlike other drones on the market, the X8+ can carry heavier cameras, yet produce high-quality video.

Flight Protection

The 3D Robotics X8+ takes pride of its innovative motor system, aside from its durable and redundant design. Its fully-automated flight control enables users to experience easy, safe flight experience every time.

3D Robotics X8+ – How Much Is It?

One of the things you probably wanna know about the 3D Robotics X8+ is its price. This drone will cost you $1,350. If you want to purchase it with the FPV kit, you need to pay extra $350. The X8+ package includes a remote and an open source flight platform by 3D Robotics, aside from the unit itself.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

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