3DRobotics IRIS+

3DRobotics IRIS+ Review

Being the manufacturer of premier advanced drone, autopilot, UAV, and autonomous vehicles, 3D Robotics takes pride of its Iris+ Quadcopter. According to 3D Robotics, this drone is everything you need if you want to take outstanding photos and film videos from unimaginable one-of-a-kind aspect.

The 3DRobotics Iris+

The Iris+ is an automation which gives you the freedom to fly it wherever you want to while maintaining a GoPro Hero 3 camera steady with two-axis equalization. Users are able to fly this drone hand-operated using its remote control transmitter. Or, you can also make use of its advanced 3PV Follow Me mode. This unit offers a tabletbased application, offering you effortless flight management and planning.

Moreover, its system lets you program automated landings and takeoffs. With the 3DRobotics Iris+, you can personalize missions by drawing the route of the flight. Plus, you can set it up in order to automatically track GPS-enabled devices, including your iPhone. With this, it will be able to return home and land itself.

The 3DRobotics Iris+ has a flying time of up to 20 minutes. In terms of price, this unit starts at USD750. However, this price is just for the drone. Meanwhile, its gimbal costs  USD210. If you want to purchase it with a GoPro camera stabilizer, roller case and extra battery, it may cost up to USD1,700.

Product Specifications

Motors: AC 2830, 850 kV

100mm in height

Weight: 262 grams (1282 g in weight with lithium battery)

Payload Capacity: 425 g

Battery: 3-cell 11.1 V 3.5 Ah lithium polymer

Charging Duration: about 45-60 minutes

uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer

Propellers: 10 x 4.7 normal-rotation (2), 10 x 4.7 reverse-rotation (2)

The 4 Main Features of the 3D Robotics IRIS+

1. Auto Mission Planning

With this unit, you can opt for an autopilot assignment and assign the drone to a particular direction. It comes with a particular feature wherein you can create its flightpath and waypoint before flying it.

2. The ‘Geofence’

With this particular feature, it can assure you that flights will not draw out of hand. In case you wind up proceeding into one of the unit’s boundaries, it will automatically get back to its original takeoff point. This is considered a significant function specifically for those who are training to fly drones.

3. Ground Control Midpoint

The 3DRobotics Iris+ gives you the freedom to stream live flight information to your device or equipment on the midpoint ground.

4. GoPro Ready

This unit is specifically optimized in order to capture captivating GoPro aerial images. Its integrated GoPro camera is suited for aerial photography and video. Depending on your choice, you can purchase a Tarot gimbal. With this, you can expect the camera to be stabilized and controllable.

Pros And Cons

Despite of its advanced technology, the Iris+ Drone has its pros and cons. In terms of advantages, this drone offers you hands-free flying. It is extremely steady with two-axis stabilization. Moreover, it features an automatic mission planning. On the other hand, one of its disadvantages is that it has complex controls. Some users say that the 3D Robotics Iris+ is heavier compared to other drones on the market.


With all the information you already know about the 3DRobotics Iris+, you probably have an idea as to whether this unit suits your needs or not. If it does, you have found an efficient drone that lets you take awesome photos and videos.

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