3DRobotics Solo

3DRobotics Solo

3DRobotics Solo Review

Dubbed as a breakthrough in smart flight, the 3DRobotics Solo is said to be an all-in-one consumer oriented drone system. As a company, 3DRobotics has been producing high performance drones for aerial photography enthusiasts and filmmakers. The Solo system is something to look forward to and a lot of people are excited about it. Read this full review on the 3DRobotics Solo to know more about this unit.

The Interesting Facts You Need To Know

The 3D Robotics Solo is a specifically-designed consumer-level quadcopter. It is created to give users an easy way of doing impressive aerial photography. This particular unit includes an optional 3-axiz camera gimbal, a hand-held controller and quadcopter platform itself. Its 3-axis camera gimbal is for the Hero+ action or GoPro Hero 4 cameras. Its controller, on the other hand, connects your mobile device to display quality video straight from the unit in real time.

The company specifically designed the Solo drone to be customizable. There are possible add-ons, such as infrared sensors, indoor-flying prop guards and a ballistic parachute for emergency situations.

The 3D Robotics Solo And Its Two Computers

According to its manufacturer, the Solo system will make drone photography a lot easier. One of the highly anticipated things about this unit is the fact that it is the first consumer drone to make use of two Linux computers. Without a doubt, this drone is best for both personal and professional aerial photography.

The two computers are compatible with GoPro cameras. Plus, they are designed to control the movements of the drone through the attached camera gimbal. With the 3D Robotics Solo, you can program and preset flight routes. This way, you can focus on flying. The computers will help you keep a desired shot in-frame.

What 3DRobotics Say About It?

According to Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics CEO, you do not need to possess the right skill or be a professional photographer for you to be able to take professional-quality photos with Solo. You just have to let the software do its job for you.

To offer you impressive flying experience, the company collaborated with GoPro to come up with a control app. With this app, you can have direct access to the settings of the camera. In other words, you can change the video mode, stop and record anything, change the setting from video to photo, etc.

How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, one of the things you probably want to know about this unit is its price. The 3DRobotics Solo will cost you $1,000. If it comes with a camera stabilizer, also known as the purpose-built Solo GoPro gimbal, it costs $1,400. You can purchase it from the official website of 3DRobotics and other retailers on the web.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

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