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AirDog Review

A smartphone app, an Airleash, a charging dock and a flying drone – these are basically what the AirDog drone is all about. However, there are some interesting facts you need to know about this unit. So, read on and this full review on AirDog drone will tell you more info about it.(See AirDog at Amazon)

A Smart Drone Everyone Is Looking Forward To

To date, 2014 was known as the year of the drones. This year, everything is getting put to work. There are many drones on the market nowadays, from 3D Robotics to Walkera. In order to give everyone the best user experience, every drone features outstanding specifications. Just for instance, most drones have a wrist-worn “leash”, allowing the drone to follow the one who is controlling it. AirDog has able to take this particular feature to the next level. It has designed custom flying profiles and added more sensors to its unit for various action sports. With this, it is not surprising to know that AirDog has able to raise more than $1.3 million in its Kickstarter campaign. 

Technical Specifications And Features

Up to 1000 feet AirLeash range

14000 feet above sea level Operating ceiling

40mph Top speed

Interchangeable LiPo batteries (14.8 V, 5500mAh)

Up to 20 minutes flight time

Up to 14 m/s wind resistance

With high performance, weather resistant construction

Camera Pitch Control – This particular feature allows the gimbal to point the camera toward you all the time.

Stabilized Video – With the AirDog drone, there will be no shaky footage anymore. Thanks to its Gyroscope stabilized gimbal, you can take outstanding footage and photos.

Easy To Operate – Another thing you will love about the AirDog is that it is easy to use. With this, you do not need to have special skills to fly it. From take-off to landing, this unit is fully autonomous.

Auto-Follow Function – With this particular feature, the drone is able to track your location or position. Its water-proof, easy to use AirLeash system helps the unit to follow you.

Airdog review

AirDog Aerial View

AirDog Drone: A Closer Look

AirDog takes pride of its AirLeash, a comfortable armband device. This unit features simple or basic onboard controls. However, with its five raised buttons and a small digital screen, it guarantees better tactility.

But wait, there’s more. AirDog has an app too. Using the app, you are able to program the unit to do various things such as follow you wherever you go at a preset distance, point the camera straight down or keep its focus on a particular subject, etc. The main point is, you can program the drone based on your specific sport or activity. There are various program options for a variety of activities or sports.

When the drone is in flying mode, its arms will fully extend, measuring about 2 feet across. The good thing is, the arms are foldable, making it a compact drone for everyone. With this, it is easy to carry. Just keep in mind that closing the arms should be done carefully. It is vital to see to it that the flight blades are aligned for proper storage.

Everyone Is Waiting For AirDog

For the meantime, this particular drone is available for preorder. It is expected that the unit will be shipped in on January 2016 . The package includes a gyro-stabilized gimbal, an AirLeash, the drone and a charger and battery. The AirDog drone is available at $1,599

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