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DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Review Once again DJI have cheered up drone flyers introducing a new drone in the market, this time Phantom 4. This exciting drone is a game changer and it has totally different story to tell comparing to its predecessor, phantom 3. A closer look at Phantom4’s features, one could easily tell that […]

Where to buy a drone?

Where to buy a drone? If you wonder where to buy a drone, here I listed a couple of choices where you can find good deals with fair prices. These online stores mostly focus on drones for sale, they are reliable to do online shopping with ease and peace of mind, some also provide you with […]

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 Review Here we go with the Parrot’s new drone in the market, Bebop 2. If you are not familiar with the Parrot, just a quick note that the company is not all about drones, their core is to create consumer technology products and communication services, however in just a few years they have […]

Tornado H920

Tornado H920 Review It’s not long ago since Yuneec entered Drone business, their first drone was lunch on December 2013, and so far the company has become one of the market leaders in this industry. The recent release of Tornado H920, the hexacopter, made a buzz among drone lovers. What made everyone impressed with this drone is […]

Hubsan Ora X4 Pro

Hubsan Ora X4 Pro Review Ora X4 Pro is one of the amazing drones of its kind. Hubsan have already made a good reputation with production of mini drones, especially the H107l, it was my own favorite drone. Now that company have taken steps forward into building professional drones and competing with big players such as DJI and 3DRobotics. So, […]

Altura Zenith

Altura Zenith Review Made by a Dutch company (Aerialtronics), the Altura Zenith ATX4 and ATX8 drones are very identical in terms of design and features, however there are just a few but important differences that I’m going to cover further on this review. In general, The Altura Zenith is an high-end drone and is, without a doubt, […]

Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22 Review Cheerson Hobby have been producing RC toys for about a decade. If you are a fan of mini drones, then you probably know about Cheerson products, especially the little famous CX-10 drone that comes in fancy colors. However, the company found their way up to build bigger quads to compete with professional drone makers. The CX-22 is […]

Align M480L

Align M480L Review The Taiwanese based company Align have long been producing multicopters and are famous for their unique design and the art of engineering. You can rarely catch the company’s name out there in the market, but this is not because they have flaw in their products or bad reputation, indeed they offer high quality […]

IdeaFly Storm 800

IdeaFly Storm 800 Review IdeaFly is the ShenZhen based company specializing in in R&D, manufacture and sales of drones. With their main focus on aerial photography and videography, so far, they have produced quadcopters for drone hobbyists. However, by introducing the Storm 800, the hexacopter, IdeaFly have shown interest in the field of commercial drones. Usually, If you want […]

The Epic Guide To Buy A Drone

Buy A Drone : The Epic Guide Do you want to buy a drone? This long article works best for you if you are either a beginner and you’ve never had a drone before, or,  you are an experienced pilot and you’ve already smashed your first drone into pieces and now you feel confident enough to buy […]