3DRobotics X8+

3D Robotics X8+

3D Robotics X8+ Review

Being one of the leaders in producing high performance drones, 3D Robotics has been doing its best to develop and market innovative and reliable personal drones for business applications and day to day exploration. The 3D Robotics X8+, for instance, is a quality piece of hardware that meets the expectations of savvy drone enthusiasts all across the world. With its specs and features, this drone is something to look forward to. This full review on 3D Robotics X8+ will tell you more significant information about this unit.

3D Robotics X8+ – Specs And Features

Up to 15 minutes flight time

Over 2kg maximum take off weight

Fully-automated flight control

915MHz Telemetry Frequency

3D Robotics X8+ review

The 3D Robotics X8+ is a perfect gadget for doing surveys, transporting small goods, 3D modeling, mapping and aerial photography. This particular drone comes with a redundant propeller system in order to provide flight protection and reliability. Its Pixhawk autopilot system makes use of GPS navigation, NuttX real-time operating system and ST Microelectronics processor and sensor technologies. It is known as a ready-to-fly multicopter that comes with a reliable lifting power.

Another great thing about this unit is its “Follow Me” feature. With this functionality, it will follow a GPS beacon at a particular angle and altitude.

3D Robotics X8+ – The Advantages It Can Offer

A Portable Drone For Your Activities

One of the things you will love about this drone is its portability. When you are done flying it, you can fold the propeller arms and legs. This way, you can store and transport the drone with ease. Needless to say, you can transport the unit from one place to another. This drone is suitable for on-site use in a variety of areas, including agriculture, construction, mining and other related sites.

A Reliable Drone With Robust Design

The X8+ is suitable for repeatable real world use. Since it comes with a sturdy aluminum frame, it can be used for various purposes. Yet, the unit is light enough to enable aerial mobility.

Payloads You Can Customize

This drone supports GoPro aerial photo and video. As a matter of fact, it features unlocks options for attaching professional cameras, sensors and gimbals. Aside from this, it can generate extremely precise maps and 3D models. It can also generate point clouds and take repeatable flight paths.

The Ability To Carry Heavier Cameras

This is probably one of the things you will definitely love about this drone. Unlike other drones on the market, the X8+ can carry heavier cameras, yet produce high-quality video.

Flight Protection

The 3D Robotics X8+ takes pride of its innovative motor system, aside from its durable and redundant design. Its fully-automated flight control enables users to experience easy, safe flight experience every time.

3D Robotics X8+ – How Much Is It?

One of the things you probably wanna know about the 3D Robotics X8+ is its price. This drone will cost you $1,350. If you want to purchase it with the FPV kit, you need to pay extra $350. The X8+ package includes a remote and an open source flight platform by 3D Robotics, aside from the unit itself.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

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3D Robotics Aero-M

3D Robotics Aero-M Review

If you are looking for a drone that is perfect for providing data acquisition solutions to a variety of industries, such as construction, land and resource management and agriculture, how about purchasing a 3D Robotics Aero-M? According to 3D Robotics, this drone is specifically created and designed for industrial mapping. To know more about it, this full review on 3D Robotics Aero-M will give you a deeper insight of what this drone is all about.

The Truth About the 3D Robotics Aero-M

3D Robotics is proud of Aero-M since it is one of their high performance Mapping Platforms, along with X8-M. This high performance mapping platform works in 3 ways – plan, fly and process. With the help of its flight planning software, you can plan its flight path and do a calculation as to which photos to take. During the flight, the Aero-M automatically captures images and then geo-tag each one of them in order to note their accurate location. When it lands, you can automatically make ortho-rectified 2D mosaic map with the images taken.

Needless to say, this drone is helpful to those professionals and businesses that work in the mines, construction sites and farms. One of the best things about this drone is the fact that it features low-flying, high accuracy mapping.

Specs And Features

Up to 40-minute flight time

Digital airspeed sensor

500g (1.1 lbs) payload capacity

Pixhawk autopilot system

2 flight batteries (4S 6000 mAh 35C LiPo)

2820 830 kV tiger motor

Henge MD933 servos

22 mph minimum speed

Gemfan 11×7 propeller

3D Robotics Aero-M review

Aside from the ones mentioned above, when you purchase the drone it includes a travel case, Canon S100 that comes with custom 3DR EAI software, ground station radios, spare parts kits and Pix4Dmapper LT 3DR Edition. Its camera features high resolution 12 megapixels.

Why Opt For 3D Robotics Aero-M?

You can find various reasons why you will love the Aero-M.

High Performance Software – Businesses and professionals can greatly benefit from Aero-M since it utilizes a powerful software known as the Pix4Dmapper. Another great thing about this software is that it is easy to use yet a high performance one. If you opt for the upgraded version of the software, it supports 3D imaging.

Professional, High Resolution Mapping – With its high performance camera and software, the Aero-M is a reliable partner in high resolution mapping. Fly your drone and zoom in from the sky in order to get details on the ground.

How Much Is 3D Robotics Aero-M?

You surely wanna know how much this drone is. The Aero-M drone costs $5,400. On the other hand, a Pro version of the unit offering the 3D mapping technology can be purchased and it can cost you $10,400.

Needless to say, this drone is a cost-effective partner in the industrial sectors. Businesses and professionals do not need to hire an expensive private plane or helicopter in order to gain aerial perspective on mines, construction sites, farms, etc.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.



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3DRobotics Solo

3DRobotics Solo

3DRobotics Solo Review

Dubbed as a breakthrough in smart flight, the 3DRobotics Solo is said to be an all-in-one consumer oriented drone system. As a company, 3DRobotics has been producing high performance drones for aerial photography enthusiasts and filmmakers. The Solo system is something to look forward to and a lot of people are excited about it. Read this full review on the 3DRobotics Solo to know more about this unit.

The Interesting Facts You Need To Know

The 3D Robotics Solo is a specifically-designed consumer-level quadcopter. It is created to give users an easy way of doing impressive aerial photography. This particular unit includes an optional 3-axiz camera gimbal, a hand-held controller and quadcopter platform itself. Its 3-axis camera gimbal is for the Hero+ action or GoPro Hero 4 cameras. Its controller, on the other hand, connects your mobile device to display quality video straight from the unit in real time.

The company specifically designed the Solo drone to be customizable. There are possible add-ons, such as infrared sensors, indoor-flying prop guards and a ballistic parachute for emergency situations.

The 3D Robotics Solo And Its Two Computers

According to its manufacturer, the Solo system will make drone photography a lot easier. One of the highly anticipated things about this unit is the fact that it is the first consumer drone to make use of two Linux computers. Without a doubt, this drone is best for both personal and professional aerial photography.

The two computers are compatible with GoPro cameras. Plus, they are designed to control the movements of the drone through the attached camera gimbal. With the 3D Robotics Solo, you can program and preset flight routes. This way, you can focus on flying. The computers will help you keep a desired shot in-frame.

What 3DRobotics Say About It?

According to Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics CEO, you do not need to possess the right skill or be a professional photographer for you to be able to take professional-quality photos with Solo. You just have to let the software do its job for you.

To offer you impressive flying experience, the company collaborated with GoPro to come up with a control app. With this app, you can have direct access to the settings of the camera. In other words, you can change the video mode, stop and record anything, change the setting from video to photo, etc.

How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, one of the things you probably want to know about this unit is its price. The 3DRobotics Solo will cost you $1,000. If it comes with a camera stabilizer, also known as the purpose-built Solo GoPro gimbal, it costs $1,400. You can purchase it from the official website of 3DRobotics and other retailers on the web.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

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3DRobotics X8-M

3DRobotics X8-M

3DRobotics X8-M Review

3DRobotics takes pride of its X8-M drone. With this particular unit, they were able to come up with a drone that includes various outstanding features, including live stream data capture, post-flight image processing software and programmable, automated flight. In other words, the X8-M drone is suitable for industrial mapping and other related activities. Read this full review on 3D Robotics X8-M to know more about it.

The Truth About The 3D Robotics X8-M

The 3D Robotics X8-M is a mapping drone used to make high-resolution visual-spectrum aerial maps. As a tool, it is simple to operate and easy to fly. The platform itself provides low flying as well as high accuracy mapping. It suits any type of terrain. It is able to capture images since it can fly at low altitudes while maintaining a slow speed.

Specifications And Features

14 min flight time

10C lithium polymer battery (4S 10000 mAh)

Spektrum DX7s radio control

Ground station radios  (433 or 915 MHz)

Canon S100 camera

25 mph (maximum operational wind speed)

Pixhawk autopilot system

1km radio range

SunnySky V2216-12 800 kV II (motors)

200g (4lbs) payload capacity

APC 11X4.7 SFP (4), APC 11X4.7 SF (4) (propellers)

13.7 in x 20.1 in x 11.8 in (aircraft dimensions)

The package includes two flight batteries.

What Users Love About The X8-M

A Great Help For Businesses – One of the things people love about this drone is the fact that it can help anyone in their business. With this unit, you will receive actionable information regarding your land real time as often as you want or need. This way, you can see the operations from the air effortlessly. In other words, the X8-M can revolutionize the way you work.

Outstanding High Resolution Mapping – This drone features Pix4Dmapper LT 3DR Edition software that enables you to make super precise mosaics that are both georeferenced and orthorectified. Plus, it comes with a Canon SX260 camera. This camera features high-resolution 12 MP. From the sky, you can zoom in to focus and get more details on the ground.

A Powerful, Reliable Software – Since the X8-M comes with a Pix4Dmapper software, this drone is definitely your reliable mapping and modeling solution. With the software, you can convert and join countless images into extremely precise geo-referenced 2D mosaics. The great thing is, it is easy-to-use. The drone, in other words, is suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

Easy, Professional Mapping The 3D Robotics X8-M is known for its ability to do easy, professional mapping. You only need to select the location or area you want to map. As you fly the 3D Robotics X8-M, it will automatically take photos and geo-tags. This drone features automated take off and landing.

How Much Is It?

If you would like to own a 3D Robotics X8-M, it will cost you $5,400. Without a doubt, it is more expensive compared to other drones on the market. However, its specifications and features are something to look forward to.

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3DRobotics IRIS+

3DRobotics IRIS+ Review

Being the manufacturer of premier advanced drone, autopilot, UAV, and autonomous vehicles, 3D Robotics takes pride of its Iris+ Quadcopter. According to 3D Robotics, this drone is everything you need if you want to take outstanding photos and film videos from unimaginable one-of-a-kind aspect.

The 3DRobotics Iris+

The Iris+ is an automation which gives you the freedom to fly it wherever you want to while maintaining a GoPro Hero 3 camera steady with two-axis equalization. Users are able to fly this drone hand-operated using its remote control transmitter. Or, you can also make use of its advanced 3PV Follow Me mode. This unit offers a tabletbased application, offering you effortless flight management and planning.

Moreover, its system lets you program automated landings and takeoffs. With the 3DRobotics Iris+, you can personalize missions by drawing the route of the flight. Plus, you can set it up in order to automatically track GPS-enabled devices, including your iPhone. With this, it will be able to return home and land itself.

The 3DRobotics Iris+ has a flying time of up to 20 minutes. In terms of price, this unit starts at USD750. However, this price is just for the drone. Meanwhile, its gimbal costs  USD210. If you want to purchase it with a GoPro camera stabilizer, roller case and extra battery, it may cost up to USD1,700.

Product Specifications

Motors: AC 2830, 850 kV

100mm in height

Weight: 262 grams (1282 g in weight with lithium battery)

Payload Capacity: 425 g

Battery: 3-cell 11.1 V 3.5 Ah lithium polymer

Charging Duration: about 45-60 minutes

uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer

Propellers: 10 x 4.7 normal-rotation (2), 10 x 4.7 reverse-rotation (2)

The 4 Main Features of the 3D Robotics IRIS+

1. Auto Mission Planning

With this unit, you can opt for an autopilot assignment and assign the drone to a particular direction. It comes with a particular feature wherein you can create its flightpath and waypoint before flying it.

2. The ‘Geofence’

With this particular feature, it can assure you that flights will not draw out of hand. In case you wind up proceeding into one of the unit’s boundaries, it will automatically get back to its original takeoff point. This is considered a significant function specifically for those who are training to fly drones.

3. Ground Control Midpoint

The 3DRobotics Iris+ gives you the freedom to stream live flight information to your device or equipment on the midpoint ground.

4. GoPro Ready

This unit is specifically optimized in order to capture captivating GoPro aerial images. Its integrated GoPro camera is suited for aerial photography and video. Depending on your choice, you can purchase a Tarot gimbal. With this, you can expect the camera to be stabilized and controllable.

Pros And Cons

Despite of its advanced technology, the Iris+ Drone has its pros and cons. In terms of advantages, this drone offers you hands-free flying. It is extremely steady with two-axis stabilization. Moreover, it features an automatic mission planning. On the other hand, one of its disadvantages is that it has complex controls. Some users say that the 3D Robotics Iris+ is heavier compared to other drones on the market.


With all the information you already know about the 3DRobotics Iris+, you probably have an idea as to whether this unit suits your needs or not. If it does, you have found an efficient drone that lets you take awesome photos and videos.

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