DJI Spreading wings S800 EVO

DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO

DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO Review

Are you looking for a reliable hexacopter you can use for aerial photography and videography? Then the DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO may be the drone you have been searching for. With its high-tech specs and features, this unit has been used by photographers to take stunning aerial photos. And also, it has also been used to film a TV series. To discover more interesting facts about this drone, read this full DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO review.

DJI S800 EVO Specs

Up to 20 minutes flight time

3.7kg total weight

3000W maximum power consumption

350mm frame arm

356g frame arm weight

Foldable GPS bracket

15″ foldable carbon fiber propellers

6s LiPo 10000 mAh Battery

DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO review

The Features And Advantages Of DJI Spreading Wings S800 EVO

One of the things you will love about this unit is its highly efficient set of motors. They come with a forced air induction system and heat sinks to keep the motors cool. On the other hand, its 15″ foldable carbon fiber propellers offer a maximum overall thrust of 2.8kg each. DJI S800 takes pride of its lightweight design yet heavy duty power.

The S800 EVO drone is specifically designed to be camera friendly. It has the ability to automatically prevent any vibration or hiccups in footage. When using the unit to capture a video, the result is always smooth, error free and crystal clear.

On the other hand, this unit features the DJI Lightbridge technology, providing you with consistent 2.4 GHz video downlink transmission. As a result, the drone offers a crystal clear video footage. Another amazing thing about this drone is the fact that it is compatible with a variety of cameras, transmitters, gimbals and flight controllers. For the camera, you can choose Canon EOS Mark III, Canon 5D or GoPro Hero 3. It is compatible with many gimbals as well, including the Zenmuse Z15-GH3, Tarot T-2D, Z15-5D Zenmuse, etc.

DJI S800 EVO: How Much Is It?

Of course, one of the important facts you probably want to know about the DJI S800 EVO is its price. The cost of this unit is definitely higher compared to other drones for aerial photography and videography. If you want to buy DJI S800 EVO, it will cost you $2,080. This is a sale price since the drone used to cost $2,999. If you want, you can opt for other DJI Spreading Wings drones, such as the S1000 or S900. The choice is always yours. The main point of this S800 EVO review is to inform you of what its specs and features are so that you can decide whether this unit is perfect for you or not.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

DJI S800 EVO – A Final Verdict

Indeed, the DJI S800 EVO hexacopter is an interesting drone. This particular unit is loved by professional aerial photographers and videographers due to its great specs and features. There are some drone enthusiasts who believe that the drone costs too much. However, one can say that the DJI Spreading Wings S800 is a reliable machine you can use for both photo and professional video applications. DJI takes pride of this drone because of its reliability, performance and overall quality.


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Matrice 100

DJI Matrice 100

DJI Matrice 100 Review

DJI has recently announced its most customizable quadcopter yet when you speak of both software and hardware. This new modular quadcopter platform is none other than the DJI Matrice 100. It is known as an easy-to-fly drone that allows users, especially developers, to add on experimental tech such as cameras and sensors. According to DJI, this quadcopter lets developers program personalized commands, gather information in real time and tell the unit how and where to fly. To discover interesting facts about this unit, this full review on DJI Matrice 100 will tell you more.

DJI Matrice 100 Specs And Features

Up to 40 minutes flight time

N1 flight controller system

Pro Plus GPS compass

Measures 26″ wide diagonally

DJI Matrice 100 review

The Matrice 100 drone comes with a lightweight frame built with quality and customization in mind. In fact, it features holes and slots for mounting extra hardware. It includes two parallel CAN ports. These ports can support the accessories offered by DJI. It also has dual parallel UART ports. These particular ports are used for 3rd party connectivity. Aside from this, the unit’s design has a secondary battery expansion bay. If this particular feature is utilized, the unit can fly up to 40 minutes.

Since this drone measures about 26″ wide diagonally, you will see that it is slightly larger than the Phantom 3. Once you purchase the kit, it comes with everything you need in order to fly the drone, such as an N1 flight controller system, a battery and remote control, a Pro Plus GPS compass and a lot more. When you buy DJI Matrice 100, you need to remember that the package does not include any camera. Needless to say, there is a need for you to purchase a camera and gimbal system separately.

DJI Matrice 100: The Price

Of course, the price of the Matrice 100 is one of the things you want to know. The DJI Matrice 100 has a base price of $3,299. However, if you want to have an extremely reliable drone for academic research, corporate development and other significant uses, DJI also offers a specially-designed hardware for this unit known as the Guidance system. This particular add-on can be purchased for $999. The best thing about this system is its ability to detect and prevent obstacles in its path with the help of five-sensor modules, allowing the drone to enjoy an autonomous flight.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

DJI Matrice – The Final Verdict

DJI has able to create a name in the world of drones and unmanned vehicles. As a matter of fact, it has become a premier brand in terms of consumer drones. Since the market is quickly evolving, the DJI Matrice is their answer to this fast evolution and expansion. With its specs and features, a lot of drone enthusiasts are looking forward to flying this unit. And since this drone is specifically built for hacking, many drone users are excited about it.

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spreading wings S900

DJI Spreading Wings S900

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Review

DJI takes pride of its selection of high performance drones. One of them is the DJI Spreading Wings S900. With its great specs and features, it is considered as one of the best drones for doing a professional aerial photography session. With its lengthy flight time and ability to lift over 10lbs of equipment, it is something to look forward to. Go on and know more about this unit by reading this full review on DJI Spreading Wings S900 drone.

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Specs

12000mAh battery

Up to 18 minutes flight time

30 to 450 Hz signal frequency

40 A working current (ESC)

7.3 lb total weight (flight parameters)

6.8 Kg takeoff weight

-10 to 40°C operating temperature

DJI A2 and WooKong-M flight control systems

DJI Spreading Wings S900 review

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 is known for being a strong, stable hexacopter. It is a lightweight drone that comes with a new power distribution system and sparkproof plug. This particular unit is used by professional photographers due to its ability to offer professional quality videos and photos. Aside from this, it also features a retractable landing gear. More and more drone enthusiasts are loving this unit because it can provide clearer footage plus reduced vibrations. According to DJI, the Spreading Wings S900 drone is ready-to-fly in 5 minutes.

The Interesting Features Of DJI Spreading Wings S900 You Should Know

Easy-to-Remove Upper Center Board

This drone can offer you easy access when it comes to installing the flight controller and IMU since it comes with removable upper center board. With this, it gives you a convenient way in terms of setting up the power distribution system. Whether you install the main controller or any other accessories, every work is faster and easier with the DJI Spreading Wings S900 drone.

Safe, Reliable Power Distribution System

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 offers improved reliability and safety because it features a redesigned power distribution system. The power cords are secured by high performance gold-plated metal bearings. This is to ensure that they are not going to come loose during the whole flight.

Easy to Carry And Highly Portable

This particular drone helps your task become easier and better. Since its arms are foldable, you only have to fold them in place after using. You can fly the drone wherever you want to without worrying about any storage and transport issues. Needless to say, the Spreading Wings S900 is both portable and easy to carry.

Lightweight Yet A Stable And Strong Drone

The landing gear and arms of this drone is made of high quality carbon fiber. With this, you can expect the drone to be powerful and stable yet lightweight. In this connection, the drone can fly for a longer period of time without ruining the quality of the video or photo.

How Much Does DJI Spreading Wings S900 Cost?

The retail value of Spreading Wings S900 drone used to be $3,800. Nowadays, you can purchase the drone at $3,400. The package includes the Spreading Wings S900 hexacopter plus a high performance A2 flight controller along with your choice of Z15 Gimbals.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

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DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Adv

DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Adv Review

As a manufacturer, DJI has been constantly changing and growing. As years go by, it continues its mission to create easy-to-fly, high-performance drones. Its series of ready-to-fly drones has captured the attention of aerial photography enthusiasts. The Phantom 3 drone is considered a tiny quadcopter that comes with an endless configurability and a professional-grade camera. Discover what makes this unit a favorite choice among drone lovers. Read this full review on DJI Phantom. 

The Two Different VersionsOf Phantom 3: Professional And Advanced

The Phantom 3 has two varieties – the first one is the Phantom 3 Professional, while the other one is the Phantom 3 Advanced. The primary difference between these two is its camera. The Phantom3 Professional shoots 4K footage at fps. The Phantom 3 Advanced, on the other hand, shoots at 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 60 fps. There is also a difference between their price. The Professional version will cost you $1250. Pay $1350 for a package that comes with an extra battery. The other version  is cheaper because it only costs $1000. If you want an extra battery, you need to pay $1100.

The Truth About Them

These two versions have a visual positioning system. With this, users can secure precise hovering positions indoors minus the guidance of the GPS. With a push of a button, you can order your drone to take off and land whenever, wherever you want. Plus, you can maintain control as far as 2 kilometers away. Using its specific app, you can change the flight setting and control the camera of your drone from your mobile device.

What users really love about these two versions is that they feature improved stabilization and expanded satellite tracking. Their UAVs make use of extremely concise satellite to stabilize and track flight paths.

DJI Phantom 3 – What Makes It An Ideal Choice

Intelligent Battery

This drone comes with an upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery. This particular battery features built-in sensors, giving you real time status updates of your battery. This way, you will be able to determine how long the flight time is and when recharging is needed.

Easy To Fly Drone

This is definitely one of the great things about this drone. You have full control as to where you want it to take off and land. It offers you easy and intuitive flying experience. It is able to respond to your command, while offering you a stable flight.

Auto-Return Home

With DJI Phantom 3, you will have peace of mind while flying the unit. As you fly the drone, you only need to tap a button so that it will automatically return to the location where it took off.

Failsafe System

Sometimes you cannot avoid instances wherein your Phantom 3 loses connection with its remote control or the battery is already running low. Good thing, this drone is equipped with a Failsafe system, allowing it to automatically go back to its origin and land safely.

What You Need To Remember

With the Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced drones, you can tell a story in a high-tech way and become your own director. You can take immersive footage with beautiful resolution, crisp images and vibrant colors. You can take aerial photography and filming to the next level. If you were to choose between the two versions, the choice is up to you. The main point is, both are of great quality and reliable

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DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 Review

Inspire 1 is by far the most amazing quadcopter to buy and it definitely fills the bill. You may get the same or better quality drone if you pay more, but this quad is one of the best choices if you are looking for professional photography and filmmaking. Lets have a closer look at details and see what makes Inspire 1 special. 

The quality of camera

The compact camera shoots video at 4K (2160p) at 24-30 fps and takes clear 12 megapixels Stills. The camera comprises of a 9-layer lens and 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor – as opposed to conventional CCD – has lower power consumption and higher integration for smaller components. If you are not familiar with these terms, watch this stunning video to feel the quality of the camera. This footage is at 24 fps.

The importance of Gimbal

Did you notice how stable the footage was in the video!? That is with the help of 3-axis, 360⁰ rotating gimbal keeping the camera steady in the sky, giving smooth videos in any flight conditions. The gimbal receives data from the controller about the parameters of the flight and it calculates the motion of the drones in milliseconds, as a result it keeps the camera in a perfect balance and level.


The use GLONASS in addition to GPS

Short for Global Navigation Satellite System, GLONASS is a navigational system that works along with GPS, providing 24 additional satellites, meaning, it gives the receiver 20% faster connection to satellites than other drones that only use GPS. The satellite acquisition helps the drone hover at the point when you release the transmitter and quickly updates your current position for auto-landing.


Vision Positioning System

You may already know about sonar waves. The active sonar technology is used in inspire 1 to emit pulses and detects objects on the ground. This sound propagation system is added to the drone along with a camera to receive visual data, as a result your drone is able to hover in place without a use of GPS and also automatically raise or lower its arms as you take-off or descend to the ground. The Vision positioning system is used for indoor flights or when there is no GPS connections.


Dual controllers

It is not necessary to use both controllers, however, if you are looking for a professional aerial filmmaking, here is how Inspire One gives advantage to you. Namely Master and Slave, the two remote controller work in the way that the Master pilots the aircraft and the Slave controls the gimbal and the camera for flawless filmmaking and photography. Both controllers receive visual data for the map and real time video streaming and are linked with eachother via secure password.

Other features

Time to go home: The battery management system is designed to show you the remaining battery power. Also, the software calculates the distance from the controller and the remaining battery to warn you when it is time to fly back to the pilot current position.

Auto- takeoff and landing: The drone takes off or lands easily with a push of a button giving the pilot a superior control and assuredness.

Manual camera setting: All the settings of the camera including ISO, White Balance, Exposure and many more are at your fingertips for taking clear photos on the fly. This is the benefit that you could not easily get from other drones with mounted GoPro.

Lastly, if this is your first time willing to buy and experience flaying a drone, my piece of advice is to begin flexing your muscles with smaller and cheaper drones. Although the advance technology used in Inspire 1 provides you with easy of flight and control, the cheaper drones let you learn the mechanism of these units before investing for more professional ones.  

Image by Bit Boy

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