Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22 Review

Cheerson Hobby have been producing RC toys for about a decade. If you are a fan of mini drones, then you probably know about Cheerson products, especially the little famous CX-10 drone that comes in fancy colors. However, the company found their way up to build bigger quads to compete with professional drone makers. The CX-22 is one good example that I’m actually going to review here. It is a drone for hobbyists and sport flyers at an affordable price. Sometimes pilots complain about the poor quality as witnessed their drone suddenly fell off the sky. There can many reasons but for the most part this type of incidents happen when the drone is not well-wired and soldered, this is the issue that you should not expect from CX-22 as the company promised to their fans.

Cheerson CX-22 Specs and Features

Weight: 700 grams

Payload: 500 grams

Operational range: 800m

Flight time: 25 minutes

Charge time :3 hours

Lipo battery: 3S 11.1V 5400mAh

Brushless motors

Built-in Mission Planner

The accuracy of landing is an important fact and could save your drone from crashing, for instance, there have been pilots who lost their drones just because the return home function was not precise, and their drone landed somewhere unsafe and farther from home e.g. on the lake or on the trees. The Cx-22 is a dual GPS auto positioning quadcopter which gives more accurate and stabile flight in compare to other brands. On the other hand, with smooth hovering performance, the drone can greatly help the pilot to take professional videos. The CX-22 is not only serving photographers, but also it lets sport flyers to benefit from a couple of handy features such as Circle Hovering and Follow-me mode. The two big LEDs indicators at the front give you to opportunity to fly the drone at nights. The Return Home key and Uncontrollable Return to Land function will save your drone if you think there is risk of losing the sight or connection of your drone.

Cheerson cx22 review

For FPV transmission, the controller includes 7-inch LCD Monitor with 800*480 Pixels resolution, and for aerial imaging, the unit carries a high quality built-in camera recording up to 1080P videos and capturing 14MP Stills with the help of 2-axis brushless gimbal.

Cheerson CX-22 Price

It is common to see different price tags for the same drone when searching online stores.The CX-22 price has dropped dramatically and nowadays the lowest price you can get is 649USD from here. Moreover, with your purchase you’ll also receive waterproof backpack which is not offered by many sellers. CX-22 is an RTF drone, so you should expect to get everything you need to fly in one package.

The Verdict

Considering the price with all that features, the CX-22 is an attractive deal, you have almost everything you want from a professional drone. Although I’m not a fan of 2-axis gimbals, but it’s still worth buying it if you are a recreational photographer. There have also been a couple of complaints about the drone’s useless manual which seems to be a common issue with most Chinese products, but after all this drone has already gone viral, so you won’t have any problem looking for more information, you can go to this forum and find your answers.

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  • As someone completely new to drones, I was looking for some independent reviews on drones as I would like to purchase one, but of course I have some reservations due to laws or new laws coming out (I do not want to inadvertently break the law).
    This machine looks like a really sweet flying machine and was wondering if it is suited for a complete beginner like myself and what the law implications might be?
    I have also seen a Syma X5C review on this page that might be even more suited for beginners like me, but to be honest I have no clue.
    Any advice for a complete novice like myself?
    Thank you .