DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 Review

Inspire 1 is by far the most amazing quadcopter to buy and it definitely fills the bill. You may get the same or better quality drone if you pay more, but this quad is one of the best choices if you are looking for professional photography and filmmaking. Lets have a closer look at details and see what makes Inspire 1 special. 

The quality of camera

The compact camera shoots video at 4K (2160p) at 24-30 fps and takes clear 12 megapixels Stills. The camera comprises of a 9-layer lens and 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor – as opposed to conventional CCD – has lower power consumption and higher integration for smaller components. If you are not familiar with these terms, watch this stunning video to feel the quality of the camera. This footage is at 24 fps.

The importance of Gimbal

Did you notice how stable the footage was in the video!? That is with the help of 3-axis, 360⁰ rotating gimbal keeping the camera steady in the sky, giving smooth videos in any flight conditions. The gimbal receives data from the controller about the parameters of the flight and it calculates the motion of the drones in milliseconds, as a result it keeps the camera in a perfect balance and level.


The use GLONASS in addition to GPS

Short for Global Navigation Satellite System, GLONASS is a navigational system that works along with GPS, providing 24 additional satellites, meaning, it gives the receiver 20% faster connection to satellites than other drones that only use GPS. The satellite acquisition helps the drone hover at the point when you release the transmitter and quickly updates your current position for auto-landing.


Vision Positioning System

You may already know about sonar waves. The active sonar technology is used in inspire 1 to emit pulses and detects objects on the ground. This sound propagation system is added to the drone along with a camera to receive visual data, as a result your drone is able to hover in place without a use of GPS and also automatically raise or lower its arms as you take-off or descend to the ground. The Vision positioning system is used for indoor flights or when there is no GPS connections.


Dual controllers

It is not necessary to use both controllers, however, if you are looking for a professional aerial filmmaking, here is how Inspire One gives advantage to you. Namely Master and Slave, the two remote controller work in the way that the Master pilots the aircraft and the Slave controls the gimbal and the camera for flawless filmmaking and photography. Both controllers receive visual data for the map and real time video streaming and are linked with eachother via secure password.

Other features

Time to go home: The battery management system is designed to show you the remaining battery power. Also, the software calculates the distance from the controller and the remaining battery to warn you when it is time to fly back to the pilot current position.

Auto- takeoff and landing: The drone takes off or lands easily with a push of a button giving the pilot a superior control and assuredness.

Manual camera setting: All the settings of the camera including ISO, White Balance, Exposure and many more are at your fingertips for taking clear photos on the fly. This is the benefit that you could not easily get from other drones with mounted GoPro.

Lastly, if this is your first time willing to buy and experience flaying a drone, my piece of advice is to begin flexing your muscles with smaller and cheaper drones. Although the advance technology used in Inspire 1 provides you with easy of flight and control, the cheaper drones let you learn the mechanism of these units before investing for more professional ones.  

Image by Bit Boy

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