GoPro drones

GoPro Drones

The Facts About GoPro Drones

If you want to get the full value out of your new drone, you’ll want to look into a GoPro camera. The most common use of drones is for aerial video and photography, and in order to get the most out of the video quality, you will want to get yourself a GoPro camera with a fully functioning Gimbal for your drone.

The best camera available for many drones is definitely a GoPro. These cameras are known for photography and video during high octane, intense activities. The GoPro is a highly trusted camera that has proven to be effective for sports and aerial photography, so it only makes sense that you would choose a GoPro for taking photos and video with your drone.

The newest GoPro, the GoPro Hero4 can shoot video 4k at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 120 frames per second. The Hero 4 has build in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to synch up with your drone or your cell phone. The GoPro is a rough and sturdy camera build to handle anything you dish out.

One of the most notable drones that requires a GoPro in the new 3DR Solo. The engineers at 3D Robotics worked closely with GoPro to make sure the two units work flawlessly together. “Roughly 90 percent of drone buyers also own a GoPro”. Therefore 3DR was able to put more money and research toward designing a better drone then a better camera. The Solo is fully compatible with the GoPro Hero3+ and Hero4. Using both the Solo’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, your GoPro will seamless synch up to both the Solo and your cellphone. So instead of buying an expensive wireless monitor you can use your cell phone to stream live video.

GoPro drones

Probably the most well known name in the drone world, DJI, also has launched a drone that is GoPro friendly. Building off the notion that most people own a GoPro, DJI release a new version of the Phantom 2 and 3 that has a GoPro mount. These GoPro friendly Phantoms are about $400 less then previous version because of the missing camera. But you will also have to purchase a DJI Lightbridge to make your Phantom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth friendly. DJI warns: Never use the DJI Phantom 2 with your GoPro camera when both devices have their Wi-Fi systems turned on. The DJI Phantom’s Wi-Fi and the GoPro camera’s Wi-Fi run on the same frequency, so if you use them together when both Wi-Fi systems are engaged, the DJI Phantom’s transmitter and controller will lose the ability to communicate with the DJI Phantom. Whenever this happens, you will not be able to tell the Phantom where to fly.

It is really up to the consumer if you are in the market to purchase a drone that has a built in camera or a separate GoPro. Keep this in mind, in the last few years we have seen leaps and bounds in video quality, from 720, to 1080 now at 4k. You can always upgrade your GoPro and keep your drone the same. Check out for all your drone and filming needs.

Images: BjörnTwelvizm

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