HexH2o Review

Being the first waterproof multirotor that houses a gimbal, the HexH2o drone allows you to take fully-stabilized video from below and above the water. This is one of the amazing things about this unit. QuadH20, a Thailand-based team, specifically designed the drone to be an efficient multicopter, both in the water and air. If you want to discover more about this unit, read this full review on HexH2o drone and know more interesting facts.

HexH2o Drone Specs And Features

Up to 15 minutes flight time (1 LiPo), 25 minutes (2 LiPo)

4.7kg in weight (with GoPro)

L650mm x W740mm x H240mm (total size)

L400mm x W380mm x H150mm (body size)

6 rotors (with foldable arms)

HexH2o review

The HexH2o drone is compatible with a GoPro 3 or 4 camera. With such set up, you can use the drone to capture photos and videos from the sky above. Or, you may decide to use it in taking photos or videos in the water. With its highly reliable composite frame and 6 propellers, the drone can provide a lengthy, stabilized flight time.

A Fully Waterproof Multicopter – This is definitely one of the best facts about this drone. Since it is fully waterproof, you can fly it in the rain with no worries. Plus, you can land or take off in the water and operate to capture rock solid photos and videos.

Lenghty Flight Time – Most of the drones nowadays can only reach up to 15 minutes flight time. When used with a two LiPo set up, the HexH2o Drone can provide a 25-minute continuous flight time.

A Transport Friendly Drone – Since the drone has foldable arms, it is easy for its users to transport and carry the unit anywhere they need to. This is helpful to those who usually travel from one place to another for a photoshoot or videography session.

How Much Is The HexH2o Drone?

The price of the HexH2o Drone is probably one of the things you are curious about. If you want to purchase the ready-to-fly version of the drone, it will cost you $995. On the other hand, the HexH2o kit is available for a price of $895.

What’s Included In The Kit?

As mentioned earlier, you can opt for the ready-to-fly version of the drone. On the other hand, you may decide to purchase the HexH2o kit. The kit includes 6 pcs. 16-mm arms made of carbon fiber, 6 folding center arm assembly, 6 carbon motor mount assembly, carbon top and bottom plates, 24v cooling fan, GPS Mount, 3M tape, 2 pcs. HexH2o hex keys, HexH2o sticker kit, Bolt and grommet kit, Naza LED mount and viewing grommet, 7 Anodized ESC heat sinks, electronics tray that comes with Naza and gimbal mounts, 10 cable location mounts and cable ties, rear hatch door that comes with retaining clips and seal and a user instruction manual.

Overall, the HexH2o Drone is a high performance multicopter. With its specs and features, you can definitely use it for aerial photoshoot and videography. Since it can also be used in the water to do underwater footage , this drone is worth every penny.

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