HEXO+ Drone Review

Often tagged as the high-flying selfie drone, the Hexo+ drone is highly anticipated by drone lovers. Just like AirDog, HexoPlus became successful in its Kickstarter campaign. In fact, it has able to raise about $1.3 million in funding. An aggressive appearance, blue front props and six sets of rotors are just a few of what you can look forward to. However, there are more interesting facts you need to know about this drone. This full review on Hexo+ drone will give you a deeper insight

Hexo+ Drone – What Is It?

The Hexo+ drone is a high performance flying camera. It gives you the freedom to take filming and aerial photography to a new level. This unit can film and follow you autonomously. When you purchase the drone, its package includes a 3D gimbal with GoPro mount, the Hexo+ drone and Hexo+ app. Xavier de Le Rue, a world-renown snowboarder, designed the drone. He is also the co-founder of Hexo+.

How Does It Work?

With Hexo+, you do not need to be a professional pilot or cameraman in order to capture great shots. By using an app on your mobile device, you only need to frame the shot with a 3D model of the point of view of the camera. Once done, you just have to enter the plan and the unit will automatically take off. It will then fly to the spot you specified. Since you are the owner of the mobile device or smartphone, Hexo+ will follow you via its onboard GPS.

Specs And Features

Weight: 1,150g (without Gimbal, battery and camera)

Diagonal size: 16.50inches (420mm)

Operating range: Up to 10,000 ft (3 048m)

Compatibility: GoPro HERO3 and GoPro HERO4 

15-minute flight time

Up to 45 miles per hour (speed)

200-foot following range

hexoplus review

Hexo+ Aerial View

With Hexo+, there is no need for a remote control since it will follow your every movement. This particular drone features extra stable footage with the help of 2D or 3D brushless gimbal. You need to remember that these specs are based on the drone’s prototype phase.

Why Choose Hexo+?

Hexo+ can give you various reasons why it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high performance, reliable drone. With this drone, you can expect to experience stunning camera movement footage, minus the pilot. Use it to capture breathtaking shots of yourself in action. This unit is perfect for taking panoramic shots and doing aerial travellings. Another thing you will love about the Hexo+ drone is that it offers guaranteed framing. You can enjoy hands-free filming every time. Capture yourself in action and from different angles. Moreover, this drone promises simplicity and ease when it comes to editing, reviewing and sharing your photos or footage online.

How Much Is It?

A lot of drone enthusiasts are looking forward to getting their own Hexo+ drone. However, this unit is available for pre-order. If you visit their official website, free worldwide shipping is offered. According to its site, final product will be shipped starting from September 2015. Now you can pre-order for $1,349.

Hexo+ official website 

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