How to increase quadqopters flight duration

How to Increase Quadcopters Flight Duration

How to Increase Quadcopters Flight Duration

 A little flight time and a long time to recharge is the main issue with most of the drones. The Lipo Battery used in drones is usually 300mAh or 500mAh. There are many factors involved in getting less flight time, such as humidity, windy weather and the weight of the unit.As i explained in my e-book, the flight time for the quads under $100 is usually not more than 10 minutes. Upgrading the batteries to the more powerful one gives you a few minutes extra, however, not all the quads let you do that due to the limitations of their design. If having more flight time does really matter to you, you may need to follow a few general rules.

1. Fly your quad in less Windy weather

Most quadcopters cannot easily withstand the wind with the speed of more than 10 mph, especially for the lightweight drones, it is very difficult to fly in a slightest breeze. Even if they are stable enough to do so, they still need to receive more energy from the battery to remain hovering at the same spot and to fly against the wind. Needless to say, the higher the altitude, the stronger wind. Unless you want to record a video of your neighborhood from high altitude, enjoy flying your drone just around you and fly it in the wind with 5 mph or less.

2. Remove extra accessories

If you are a beginner, it is almost necessary to install prop guard for safer flight. However it is an extra weight to your drone. Once you get the hang of flying your drone and become confident enough that you won’t be smashing it into things, then remove the guard to get more flight time. Also, if you are not recording and or taking pictures in a particular flight, then just remove the camera and gimbal if they are not integrated to your drone.

3. Do less throttling and stunts

Needless to say, when throttling up, the drone needs to lift up its weight against gravity which reduces flight time. Try to move it more vertically rather doing a lot of ups and downs. Moreover,  flipping or 360 degree inversions are parts of the fun when flying these units, but doing sutnts will eventually give you less flight time.

4. Do not record a video

If you like recording a video during the flight, you should expect less flight time, if your drone also has a FPV feature, the batteries of the transmitter deplete fast due to live streaming.

Lastly, you may also need to buy some extra batteries and multi-charger to enjoy flying these quads continuously, so that you don’t have to wait for long time recharging the batteries. Some of the drones have around 80% charge right out of the box, make sure to fully charge them before the flight.

Image by Juhan Sonin

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