ideafly storm 800

IdeaFly Storm 800

IdeaFly Storm 800 Review

IdeaFly is the ShenZhen based company specializing in in R&D, manufacture and sales of drones. With their main focus on aerial photography and videography, so far, they have produced quadcopters for drone hobbyists. However, by introducing the Storm 800, the hexacopter, IdeaFly have shown interest in the field of commercial drones. Usually, If you want to buy a hexacopter, the price tags for these type of multi rotors blow your mind, but the Storm 800 is surprisingly affordable and efficient. The drone is PNP(Plug-N-Play) type, meaning, you need to buy a few extras separately before you can fly it, I’ll be explaining in more details of what you need to buy later in this review. Although this drone may not be the best option for beginners but it has eye-catching capabilities making it a demanding drone for semi-professional pilots and medium-sized payloads. Read on the review of storm 800 to discover more interesting facts about this drone.

The Storm 800 specs and features

Distance between shafts : 34.6 inches (800mm)
Weight: 2.6 lbs (1180g) without landing gear
Max flight time 30 minutes
Operating range 3280ft (1000 meters)
Max flight altitude: 3280ft (1000 meters)
Max Payload: 3.96 lbs (1.8KG)
Max ascent speed:10.2 m/s
Max descent: 6 m/s
15inch carbon propellers
Retractable landing gear
Foldable frame

As you may have already noticed from the specs, the Storm 800 is a one of those big drones, which makes sense if it is built for lifting purposes. With the payload capacity of near 2kg, along with 30 minutes flight time make this drone a perfect choice if you are looking for delivering items such as small parcels or maybe the customers’ pizzas! The frame is made of strong technic plastic and is designed to protect the drone when flying under rain, snow or in dusty weather.

IdeaFly Storm 800 review

Not to mention the vast uses of drones have been for professional photography and cinematography. The storm 800 is very stable for taking aerial shots, however, the quality of your images also depends on the camera and gimbal that you need to buy separately. The drones is compatible with all size of GoPro cameras or if you are a fan of Sony cameras, you can use your Sony RX100 II & III and Sony NEX-5 with this drone, and for gimbal you also have pretty much good options to look for e.g. Walkera G3 S.

How much is the Storm 800?

If you choose to buy the Storm-800, the various pricing options may confuse you as it is a PNP drone and I’ve seen in a few websites that are selling this drone with a title of “RTF drone”, which is misleading to buyers. Nowadays, the most expensive Storm 800 costs you $879.99, it but includes only the hexacopter frame, landing skid,  6 x 40A ESC, 6 x 4114 brushless motor, propellers and the CD manual. So, depending on what you need there are certain items you may buy separately such as the remote controller, flight controller and GPS, battery, charger, camera and gimbal, . The choice of battery depends on your budget, but If you want to get a 30-minutes flight time, get a 22v 6s 10000 mAh battery, which cost you around  112 USD. For radio and receiver buy Spectrum and for flight control system use YS-X4-V2 from ZeroUAV.

The verdict

Usually the hexacopters are not as much demanding as quadcopters are and they are not the best options for beginners, but they have their own considerable benefits . If you want to buy a quadcopter for professional cinematography, usually the drone costs you more than 1000 USD and a high-end quad eventually cost you more than 1500 USD, after all most of these units won’t give you more than 20 minutes of flight time, nevertheless, a hexacopter is more stable than a quadcopter. As a video professional, what you need is a stable drone, a perfect camera and a long flight time. if you have your compatible camera then the Storm 800 will take care of the rest for you, and if you need a drone to lift stuff, hexacopters are definitely your only options.

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