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Infinity 9Pro Review

Effortlessly extraordinary – this is how many drone lovers describe the Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter. Turbo Ace takes pride of this drone, an octocopter that is capable of carrying more than 20 lbs payload. Needless to say, this unit can withstand heavier cameras and lenses without worrying about the quality of the video or photo. This full review on Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter will offer you more interesting information about this high performance drone.

Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter – Specs And Features

17″ propellers (8x)

49.5″ octocopter frame

Up to 15 minutes flight time

35MPH wind tolerance

10-20 lbs optimal payload

Tiger Motor U7 Brushless Motors (8x)

DJI A2 Flight Controllers

2.4GHz Transmitters

16,000mah 6S LiPo Battery (2x) or 22,000mah 6S LiPo (2x) for longer flight time

GPS Functions

The Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter features Auto-Stabilized Flight Mode for a more stabilized flight. It comes with Auto-Land Sequence feature, which triggers every time you fail to land the drone after a long battery low status. This unit takes pride of its Failsafe Return to Home feature, allowing it to return to its original position in case of lost of signals and other emergency situations. The Infinity 9Pro Octocopter is specifically designed with 5½ feet wingspan, that is why you can be assured of flight stability and effortless motion.

Infinity 9 utilizes a well established folding mechanism that combines innovative CNC aluminum brackets that guides and locks the carbon booms on carbon tracks. In addition to foldability, the drone’s quadruple deck main frame is much stronger than fixed frames used on Cinestar & Droidworx.

Infinity9 PRO Review

Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter – The Advantages It Offers

Perfect For Cinematography

With its 5½ft wingspan and 17″ carbon propellers, you can be assured that this drone is your perfect partner when it comes to taking compelling videos and photos. In other words, the Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter can offer high quality cinematic aerial solution for your personal and business activities. Since it features more than 20 lbs payload, it can withstand heavy equipment such as AllSteady-7 and Ronin 3-axis gimbals.

Versatility At Its Finest

One of the great things you will definitely love about the Infinity 9Pro Octocopter is the fact that it can be folded down into a linear form. This way, you can easily store or transport the drone wherever you need to go. Needless to say, you can bring the drone and perform a variety of activities with ease and convenience.

High Performance With Extreme Rigidity

With the Infinity 9Pro Octocopter, you can say goodbye to troublesome maintenance. The drone is specifically designed with sliding aluminum brackets. These brackets can be secured deep into the main frame. With this, it will guarantee you that you will enjoy taking high quality photos and videos for years to come.

Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter – How Much Is It?

Of course, you wanna know how much this drone will cost you. The Turbo Ace Infinity 9Pro Octocopter costs $15,097.95. This particular package includes the Infinity 9Pro octocopter, TM-Motors, TM-17″ Props, A2, GPS. If you want to purchase the drone with an AllSteady-5PRO Gimbal plus RetSkid, it will cost you $17,297.95.

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