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Lily Camera

Lily Camera Review

If you are looking for a high performance drone that flies itself, the Lily Camera is what you need. It is an extremely portable, rugged, waterproof drone you can use to capture cinematic videos and photos in the water. To know more exciting facts about this unit, read this full review on Lily Camera.

Specs And Features Of Lily Camera

Up to 20 minutes flight time

2 hour charge time

IP67 waterproof rating

12 MP photo resolution

1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps video resolution

Three-axis Gyro

Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery


External memory card slot

4GB micro SD

Available on iOS and Android

lily camera review

An Ultra-Portable, Waterproof Drone

Lily is specifically designed as a stand-alone camera that offers great portability. As a matter of fact, it is heavier than a laptop. Its built-in camera is excellent for aerial footage, leading to stunning results. One of the best things about this unit is that it is both portable and compact, aside from being waterproof.

Unlike other drones on the market today, it does not have a gimbal. Its manufacturer wanted users to have the freedom to take Lily everywhere they go. With this drone, you can say goodbye to bulky gimbals. Moreover, Lily can float. It can safely land in water.

Using this drone is so easy. Since there is no need to set it up, you only have to throw it in the air and then you can start taking photos or filming videos. Since the drone flies itself, there is no need for any controller. In this connection, you only have to focus on your activity and Lily will capture every single step.

What Lily Camera Users Need To Remember

When using the drone, there are important facts you definitely need to know. You can use Lily Camera in saltwater, but it is recommended that you rinse its motors after the drone is exposed to it. Saltwater can promote corrosion and the motors might get affected by it.

The waterproof rating of Lily is IP67. With this, you can only take the drone one meter underwater. It is must be remembered that its motors should not be spinned underwater because it cannot take the role of a submarine.

How Much Is Lily Camera?

As of now, it is available for preorder. If you want to purchase Lily Camera, feel free to visit their official website. It is currently sold for $699 and the unit will be shipped on May 2016. However, when the pre-orders are over, the price will go up to $999. According to its manufacturer, they will start shipping Lily camera in February 2016. International shipping is available, with different tax rates. The Lily Camera comes in midnight black and there is no other color options.

If you purchase the drone, its package includes a Lily camera, a brick charger, a user manual, a micro USB and a tracking device along with its wrist waterproof case.

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