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Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter Review

One of the primary concerns of drone users is the fact that taking photos or videos over the sea, river or lake can be pretty risky because the moment the drone falls into the water, that would be the end of it. Good thing, they can now rely on a waterproof drone that can capture quality photos and take videos without worrying about getting wet. The Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter is a specifically designed drone that can survive a crash-land over the water. If you are curious enough about this unit, this full review on Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter will give you more interesting facts about it.

Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter

It is a high performance quadcopter that utilizes Naza-M Lite flight controller. In addition, it is designed with all the significant features. Along with its waterproof case, this unit can carry a GoPro camera with ease. In order to perform FPV flights, it can be used with real-time video transition system. Read on and know more about the specs and features of this amazing drone.

Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter Specs And Features

Up to 15 minutes flight time (if used with 4s battery)

Carbon-filled thermo-plastic propellers

550mm frame size

4215/650 KV motors (specifically-treated brushless pancake)

Up to 1,000-meter flight range

4S 2500mAh 25C battery

About 1150 grams in weight


Mariner waterproof quadcopter

According to experts and professional drone users, this drone is excellent for taking aerial photos and videos despite of the weather condition. You can fly the drone even if it is raining outside. As a matter of fact, it can withstand all weather conditions. With its extremely durable thermoplastic waterproof frame, you can be assured that it is a high performance unit. It features 2 acrylic top covers. The first one is used for dry flying. The second one, on the other hand, is with waterproof air vent. Moreover, this drone is compatible with a GoPro action camera.

This is truly an all-around drone because you can operate it on oceans, rugged mountain terrains, forests, deserts or lakes. It is designed to be used in the water, providing high quality photos and videos. The moment the drone runs out of battery, its LED lights will flash continuously to give you a warning.

The Interesting Facts About The Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter

With its great specs and features, the Mariner is definitely a high performance, amphibious quadcopter. However, one of the interesting facts you need to know about this drone is that it comes in 4 different variations. If you want to opt for the RTF system, it features a pre-installed radio transmitter and a NazaM-Lite flight controller. On the other hand, the FPV version comes with an onboard video transmission. It is able to broadcast to an LCD screen, attached to its controller. Moreover, it features a dual axis brushless gimbal and other FPV equipment. This particular variety of the Mariner is best for capturing professional videos and photos with a steadied camera.

Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter – How Much is It?

If you want to buy Mariner Waterproof Quadcopter, you may wanna know how much this drone is. This particular unit will cost you $339.99. However, its regular price used to be $395.68. With this, when you purchase today, you will save a good amount of money.

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