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Important Tips Before Buying A Mini Drone

Important Tips Before Buying A Mini Drone

No matter what type of a mini drone you want to buy, whether it is a quadcopter, a hexacopters or any other types, you may need to know how to be prepared with the handful of information before pulling out your credit card. 


Let me explain the tips from the Infographic in more details.

1. Sometimes buying a faultless drone is like playing Russian roulette! Some users have already experienced receiving defective units. Read all the reviews and return policies. Make sure you are already prepared and know what to do next, if your drone stopped functioning after the first few flights!

2. Before buying a mini drone, you MUST check for the repair kit and other extra parts. Find out about the price, availability. Most probably you’ll need them.

3. Check how hard is to repair the particular drone, and if there is a soldering process involved for replacement of parts.

4. Check if the drone uses SD card, mini SD card or USB for file transferring process, find out if these are included in the package or you need to buy separately.

5. A few drones need to connect to your smart phone for controlling or live streaming. Find out if your phone is compatible with the software.

6. If you are using either Mac or Windows, make sure it is a hassle-free process for transferring files to your laptop or pc.

7. Some users opt for more powerful batteries to get extra flight duration. But not all the batteries will eventually fit your drone due to limitations of design. You may want to check if it is possible to upgrade the batteries.

8. A few drones have sharp blades and are not recommended for kids, they can cause deep cuts. So, do your research before making disaster.

9. Careful! If you found in the description that the drone is “Camera Ready”, needless to say the camera is not included. There have been a few cases, buyers simply didn’t notice that.

10. Make sure you have the latest firmware upgrades installed for your drone before flying it.

Lastly, The prices for each particular drone may vary offered by different resellers. Make sure to find out the best deal and the most trusted one.

Photo by Ed Schipul

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