QuadH2o Review

The world of drones has become more and more interested in waterproof drones. This is because these drones can be used in the rain and over the water. In order to satisfy drone enthusiasts, manufacturers have been so passionate toward producing high performance waterproof drones.

More and more drones of this type are available on the market. The QuadH2o Quadcopter is one of them. Individual users can opt for this quadcopter as their personal drone. On the other hand, government agencies can rely on this unit when it comes to taking photos and videos of water environment and the likes. The research and scientific community, on the other hand, may use it for exploring the water environments, oceans, rivers, etc. If you need to know more about this unit, read this full review on QuadH2o Quadcopter.

Specs And Features Of QuadH2o Quadcopter

 40 km/h (maximum speed)

Up to 25 minutes flight time

Powered by T-Motor 2216 900 kv motors and DJI 2212 920 kv motors

QuadH2o review

The QuadH2o quadcopter is specifically made of Epoxy fiber composite, that is why you can expect it to have a watertight and superbly strong body. One of the things you will love about this unit is its speed and agility. As a matter of fact, it can reach up to 40 km/h speed. Even if it is raining, you can rely on it when it comes to taking stunning photos and videos. This drone is suitable for water sports activities, such as speed boat racing and jet skiing.

With the help of the  DJI Naza controller and GPS, you can control the unit with ease and convenience. For it to become a high performance drone, it comes with a built-in heatsink. This way, it will prevent the unit from becoming too heated. On the other hand, the QuadH2o quadcopter is specifically designed to suit a GoPro action camera and FPV system. With this, you can rely on it for professional photography and video purposes.

How Much Is It?

The price of this drone is probably one of the main things you would like to know about it. The QuadH2o Kit is available at $849. Allow the manufacturer to create the parts for you, so you need to wait for 15 days. On the other hand, if you want to opt for the RTF version of the drone, it will cost you $3,320. However, it is not considered as a totally ready-to-fly version since it will take about 6 to 8 weeks for the drone to be built. Plus, you need to pay the shipping.

What’s Included In The QuadH2o Kit?

If you want to buy the QuadH2o Quadcopter, the package includes  Carbon Fibre Legs that comes with Black Foam padding, painted body and arms, FPV perspex dome, Motor mount holes and grommets, Black Anodized ESC heat sinks, Electronics and FPV tray, QuadH2o sticker kit, Stainless steel fixings and the QuadH2o Build Guide instructions.

Just like any other drones, there is surely a room for improvement for the QuadH2o quadcopter. This means, there will be more updates in the future with regard to its specs and features. 

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