Sky hero little spyder

Sky Hero Little Spyder

Sky Hero Little Spyder Review

Nowadays, drones are getting smaller by the day. Yet, they are getting more and more reliable and powerful. As a matter of fact, manufacturers of drones have been finding ways to upgrade their units to satisfy drone enthusiasts and users. If you are looking for a mini drone you can take everywhere, it is time for you to know more about the Sky Hero Little Spyder drone. Are you curious enough? If so, read this full review on Sky Hero Little Spyder drone and discover great facts about this unit.

Sky-Hero Little Spyder – Specs And Features

40A ESCs

30mm booms

1.2mm frame (made of carbon fiber)

4 x 10″ propellers

Sky Hero Little Spyder review

Easy FPV set up, infinite possibilities, heavy wind resistance and beautiful design – these are just a few of the things that Sky-Hero Little Spyder is proud of. Since its frame is made up of carbon fiber, expect the drone to be lightweight. Its 30mm booms house the ESC. It is considered as one of the smallest drones on the market since it comes in a 450 class frame.

What You WIll Love About The Sky-Hero Little Spyder

The Sky-Hero Little Spyder can give you reasons why it is a great choice for aerial photography. Aside from its stellar design, this unit is created with award winning quality in order to offer you the best possible flying experience. Although it is not the best drones on the market, this “Little” Spyder is able to cater to your needs.

If you are going from one photo location to another, you definitely need a drone that is foldable and highly portable. Good thing, the Sky-Hero Little Spyder comes with foldable arms. With this, you can take it with you anywhere you go. Apart from this, the drone itself features a quick release landing gear. On the other hand, its covered battery space signifies more appeal and security.

Sky-Hero Little Spyder – How Much Is It? (as of June 9, 2015)

The Sky-Hero Little Spyder kit will cost you $229.00. It should be remembered that the kit is not an ideal choice for beginners because it is not ready-to-fly. However, if you want the almost ready to fly version of the unit, it will cost you $449.00. This ARF unit is flight controller ready. The package includes 1 frame kit, 4 pcs 10″ propellers, 4pcs 600 MHz 40A 6S ESCs, 4 motors (2806 950 KV) and 2 quick release landing gear. The recommended flight controller for this unit are Pixhawk and Naza. However, according to its manufacturer, you can actually use any flight controller available.


With the specs and features it offers, the Sky-Hero Little Spyder is definitely the mini drone you can take everywhere. Just like any other drones on the market, there will be more updates for this unit. The Sky-Hero Little Spyder is a small yet reliable drone for your personal and business needs.

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