SteadiDrone FLARE

SteadiDrone FLARE

SteadiDrone FLARE Review

In the Steadi range, the SteadiDrone FLARE is considered as the smallest, most compact unit. Despite of being small, this drone is both practical and reliable. One of the interesting things about this drone is that you can attach the latest GoPro camera to it or just any other compact camera for capturing images. If you want to know more, read this full review on SteadiDrone FLARE quadcopter.

SteadiDrone FLARE Specs And Features

Up to 20 minutes flight time

1.7kg RTF (excluding battery and payload)

2.2kg RTF (including battery and payload)

677mm (diagonal length)

970g (weight airframe)

3020g (Max AUW)

Steadidrone FLARE review

There are many things you will love about this unit. It comes with a camera which is mounted up front. This way, the delicate camera gimbal is not prone to any damage in case the drone crashes. If you need to go hiking or travel from one place to another, you can easily fold the whole drone into a portable package. This means that the SteadiDrone FLARE is a highly portable quadcopter. On the other hand, this unit is specifically designed to be a user-friendly drone aside from the fact that it is mostly made of high quality carbon fiber.

Another great thing about it is its gimbal which can support a wide array of smaller sized cameras. In other words, it comes with a fully adjustable gimbal. Its impact-resistant top dome cover has an integrated LED, USB interface and safety switch. Moreover, you can easily access all the electronics since this unit features a removable airframe hatch. Plus, this drone offers reduced motor vibration and high frequency, thanks to its vibration damping motor mount system.

The SteadiDrone FLARE can be used for aerial mapping, a commercial job, aerial photography, or a search and rescue operation. It is also suitable for drone enthusiasts who want to have a highly compact and reliable drone.

SteadiDrone FLARE – The Price

This particular unit can be purchased for £1,490. Compared to other drones on the market, this quadcopter is more expensive. However, with its great performance, specs and features, the SteadiDrone FLARE drone is worth every penny.

If you purchase the ready-to-fly version of the SteadiDrone FLARE quadcopter, the package includes the RTF SteadiDrone FLARE drone, LiPo alarm checker, AC/DC Battery charger kit, 4 x 12” APC SF Props, 25A Quattro ESC Motor controller, 4 x 650Kv 3506 SteadiDrone brushless motors, integrated rail supported brushless gimbal system, Advanced GPS 3DR Pixhawk Flight controller, 5200mAh 4S power pack, 16Ch FRSKy Taranis 2.4Ghz digital radio system and a lot more.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

SteadiDrone FLARE – A Final Thought

With its key and advanced features, needless to say, the FLARE drone is a reliable, field-repairable unit for commercial use and hobby. This particular drone offers you the power to capture quality images and videos for specific needs. The SteadiDrone FLARE is considered as the smaller version of the MAVRIK. Both share almost the same high performance features and parts, but the FLARE is in a more compact system.

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