SteadiDrone MAVRIK

SteadiDrone MAVRIK Review

Ready for any job, reliable and compact – these are just a few of the good things users say about the SteadiDrone MAVRIK. This particular drone comes with a one-of-a-kind front mounted gimbal, having the ability to point directly upwards and down. It is considered an excellent everyday working system due to its specs and advanced features. To discover more about this unit, this full review on SteadiDrone MAVRIK will tell you interesting facts you need to know.

SteadiDrone MAVRIK Specs

Up to 18 minutes flight time

8000mah 4S SteadiDrone power pack

1300g airframe weight

4 x 14” APC SF Props

16Ch FRSKy Taranis 2.4Ghz Advanced digital radio system

25A Quattro ESC Motor controller

SteadiDrone MAVRIK review

The Key Features Of SteadiDrone MAVRIK

This unit is known for its “tool-less rapid deploy” design, which means the drone folds into a very compact size. Another primary feature of this drone is its adjustable rail support. It is a fully adjustable rail system. Aside from this, you have the option to add or remove dampers to suit size and payload weight.

The drone is made of high quality carbon fiber and aluminum, making it a lightweight and reliable airframe system. With the help of its brushless gimbal system, powered by 32bit AlexMos, expect the drone to support various camera packages. Moreover, the SteadiDrone MAVRIK also comes with a full 180-degree tilt angle.

You can have easy access to all electronics with the help of its removable airframe hatch. Its quick release landing gear legs gives you ease in setting up the drone in seconds.

How Much Is It?

This SteadiDrone MAVRIK review won’t be complete without informing you of its price. This unit will cost you about $5,995. As you purchase the drone, its package comes with a standard MAVRIK RTF, an integrated brushless gimbal system, battery charger kit, 4 pcs 14” APC SF Props, 25A Quattro ESC Motor controller and a lot more.

On the other hand, the SteadiDrone MAVRIK comes with an X8 RTF option. This particular version or option comes with 4 additional motors, ESC and props. This package is suitable for applications that require larger payloads, additional power and redundancy. Keep in mind if you want to opt for the X8 RTF package, it will require you to pay additional payment.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

A Final Verdict

Indeed, the SteadiDrone MAVRIK can be folded down into an ultra compact size. As a matter of fact, it is smaller compared to any other systems of comparable measurement. With its specs and features, it is an ideal option for serious industrial applications and aerial professionals. It is like an open platform which is not flight controller, sensor or camera specific. A lot of drone enthusiasts are looking forward to flying it because it is a perfect system for fast, efficient aerial operations.

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