storm drone 4

Storm Drone 4

Storm Drone 4 Review

Whether you are looking for a drone that suits for personal or business purposes, the Storm Drone 4 is something to look forward to. With its specs and features, needless to say, this unit is the upgraded version of the Storm Drone FF. Its manufacturer takes pride of upgrading its software, motors, propellers and other parts of the drone. It is a small drone, yet it has the capacity to carry a GoPro camera, with a flight time of 6 to 8 minutes.

To know more about this unit, this full review on Storm Drone 4 will give you some interesting facts about it. So, you better read on.

Storm Drone 4 – Specs

490mm x 490mm x 140mm (product dimensions)

2208 Brushless Motor

450mm (motor to motor)

8.82 ounces payload capacity

10A with BEC (ESC)

850g (take off weight)

11.1V 2200mah 20C battery with 8 to 12-minute flight time

8″ X 4.5″ carbon fiber propeller

Storm drone 4 review

What You Need To Know About The Drone

The Storm Drone 4 offers you real-time, first-person view of what the camera sees while the drone is flying. With this unit, you only have to mount a camera on top of it. With an average flight time of 8 minutes and an 8.82 oz. payload capacity, it can give you enough time to take stunning photos and videos. This drone comes with a 984 feet flight range.

With its specs and features, this drone is excellent for beginners or amateur aerial photographers. Its quality carbon fiber propellers make it a durable, reliable drone for personal and business uses. Since you can purchase the unit as a pre-calibrated drone, it is definitely a ready-to-fly drone.

How Much Is Storm Drone 4?

If you are planning to buy Storm Drone 4, you are probably wondering how much this drone is. This easy-to-fly drone is available for $359.90. The package includes the 100% assembled Storm Drone 4, a Li-Po battery charger, a battery strap, a transmitter manual in CD-ROM, 4 sponge balls, a Walkera DEVO 7 2.4GHz LCD Digital Transmitter and a Storm 11.1V 2200mAh 20C High Capacity Li-Po Battery.

If you were to look into it, the Storm Drone 4 is definitely not the cheapest nor the most expensive drone on the market. It comes with an average price. This means, a lot of drone enthusiasts can afford it.

Storm Drone 4 – A Last Thought

With its reliable specs and features, the Storm Drone 4 is considered a decent drone. This particular unit is excellent for beginners who want to experience flying a drone or those who want to start aerial photography because it is easy to fly. You can be assured that this drone is steady enough to take quality photos and videos. It is best to remember that when you purchase this drone, you may need to buy a camera separately.


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