TBS Gemini

TBS Gemini Review

If you are looking for a mini yet high performance FPV racing hexacopter, it is time for you get to know more about the TBS Gemini, a multirotor designed by an FPV company known as Team Blacksheep. To discover more exciting facts about this mini drone, read this full review on TBS Gemini.

The Interesting Facts About TBS Gemini

It is a mini hexacopter specifically designed for FPV racing. According to Team Blacksheep, this drone comes with a revolutionary design. You can see it as a small drone, yet it is locked in and fast. This particular unit is crash resistant and modular. The whole point is, TBS Gemini was created by FPV enthusiasts to cater the needs of FPV enthusiasts. Apart from racing, this unit can also be used for filming or taking aerial photos.

TBS Gemini Specs And Features

About 10 minutes flight time

Built in FPV camera

TBS CORE PNP25 (that comes with integrated current sensor)

Taulabs-based flight control

Custom 4A ESCs

TBS Gemini review

One of the first things you will notice about the unit is its sleek, aerodynamic design. Aside from this, it comes with 6 forward-tilting motors, making it more resistant to wind. On the other hand, another thing you will love about it is its flight time. Most mini drones, specifically hexacopters and quadcopters, can only fly for about 5 to 7 minutes. But with TBS Gemini, expect it to reach up to 10 minutes flight time. A lot of racing enthusiasts love this mini drone because it comes with a crash-friendly design. This way, you will not be worried about flying this unit for your FPV racing hobbies.

Moreover, another interesting thing about this crash-friendly drone is its Taulabs- based flight control. Taulabs is a type of a platform developed by a group of volunteers.

TBS Gemini – How Much Is It?

The ready-to-fly version of TBS Gemini can be purchased for $599.95. However, this particular price does not include a receiver. If you want to opt for add ons, it will definitely cost you more than $1,000. Although it is not considered as the most affordable mini drone on the market, one can say that the price you pay for this unit is worth every penny. With its specs and features, you can rely on this mini yet high performance drone.


If you decide to buy TBS Gemini, its package includes the TBS Gemini main frame (along with plastic parts), Gemini Carry Case, a 4S Battery, an FPV camera, Flight control (pre-configured), 6 motors, ESCs, Canopy for Race and Film, TBS UNIFY 5.8GHz 200mW (you can remove it and pick another VTx) and CORE PNP25 (you have the freedom to upgrade it to CORE PRO).


Indeed, this particular unit is one of the latest generation of high performance mini race multirotors. With its revolutionary design and great features, expect it to be a beast in any racing event.

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