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B-Unstoppable Review

The B-Unstoppable drone is a quadcopter, a tank and a tankcopter in one. According to its Kickstarter campaign, this particular unit is the first commercially-available tank quadcopter in the world. No wonder it has gained the attention of drone enthusiasts from all across the world. One of the most interesting things about this drone is the fact that it can be a sky-flying aircraft and a dirt-barreling tank at the same time. To discover more about this unit, this full review on B-Unstoppable hybrid drone. So, read on.

The B-Unstoppable Drone – Specs And Features

900 mAh 15 C LiPo battery

Neoprene track

4 to 6 g payload

LED lights (front and back)

6 Gyro flight controller

9 minutes flight time

12 to 18 minutes driving endurance

B-Unstoppable review

One of the things you will love about this unit is its set of front and back lights. This way, you can use the drone at night. The B-Unstoppable drone features a 2.4GHz radio transmitter. Using its transmitter, you can switch the quadcopter into tank mode and vice versa. Although one can say that it cannot be considered as one of the super high-end drones available, this unit comes with wonderful specs and features, making it a decent drone to use. On the other hand, it is interesting to know that you can save up to 60 percent energy when the unit is in tank mode. Aside from this, when choosing this type of mode, the unit is much quieter.

If you are wondering about the performance of its camera, you can actually choose between two options. You may opt for the lower image quality FPV camera setup, which includes a 5.8 GHz receiver, USB AV-in adapter, 25 mW 5.8 GHz transmitter and CCD 720 camera. The other option is the HD DVR camera that has the ability to record videos at 1280 x 720.

The B-Unstoppable Drone – How Much Is It?

The B-Unstoppable unit can be purchased for $93(£59) as its pledge price and it already comes with a charger and transmitter. If you want to opt for the HD DVD camera model, it will cost you $131. On the other hand, the version with an FPV system you can use for real-time transmissions costs $156.

A Final Thought

If this particular unit delivers exactly what its crowdfunding campaign promises, this could be an exciting toy for drone enthusiasts since they can choose between air and land during playtime. As of the moment, its Kickstarter campaign has able to attract more than $30,000 of funding. It only has less than a month to reach its funding goal which is $77,000. You can opt to pledge a particular amount of money. Moreover, the estimated shipment date is in October 2015. Never hesitate to visit our site regularly for more updates about the B-Unstoppable hybrid drone.

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  • Darrell Francis

    Any thought of this drone for rescue work?