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The Ghost Drone

The Ghost Drone Review

Naming itself as the easiest drone to fly in the world, the Ghost Drone has able to raise more than $600,000 in its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign itself was indeed a successful one. However, the whole journey didn’t end there. Ehang Inc., the creator of the Ghost Drone, ensures everyone of a super flying experience with this unit. Read this full review on Ghost Drone and learn more about it.

The Ghost Drone – Specs And Features

Up to 20 minutes flight time (with camera and gimbal)

Up to 30 minutes flight time  (without the camera and gimbal)

SkyRC e4 LiPo/LiFe 2-4S (balance charger)

XT60 connector

The ghost drone review

With just one click, you can command the drone to return, take off and unlock. Its gimbal is made of high quality aircraft aluminum alloy, making it a stable yet light gimbal and allowing it to handle a 1080P HD sports camera. To give more security to the GoPro, the unit comes with hard brackets.

On the other hand, the drone features pre-installed propeller guards. They can be removed to reduce the total weight of the aircraft. This can increase the flight time of the drone, however, reducing may decrease safety.

The drone comes with a specifically-labeled battery, 5400mAH 3S 11.1V Lipo that utilizes an XT60 connector. When the unit flies with a GoPro camera and a 2-D gimbal, it can only fly up to 20 minutes. But without them, it can reach up to 30 minutes flight time.

Flight Characteristics

Flying the Ghost Drone is certainly easy. Using the app on your tablet or smart phone, you just have to simply press the button for it to take off. The moment the drone is already in the air, you can maneuver it to any direction on the GPS map. Just slide the button up and down or left and right if you want to change its altitude or direction. On the GPS map, you will be able to follow its progress. At the top of the app, the flight time, battery level, speed, height and number of satellites are displayed. If you are done, just press the return button and the drone will fly back home.

The Ghost Drone – How Much Is It?

Available in 3 different colors, the Ghost Drone is primarily available in two packs, aside from its basic version. The first one is known as the Ghost Aerial drone, while the other one is the Ghost Aerial Plus drone. The basic unit costs $599. On the other hand, the Aerial type will cost you $729, may it be the iOS or Android version. Moreover, the Aerial Plus unit costs $799, for iOS or Android version.


*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

The Truth Between The Ghost Aerial And Ghost Aerial Plus

To give you an idea when it comes to the difference between these two, the Ghost Aerial drone features a gimbal for you to capture stunning aerial photos. The best thing about this gimbal is that it can fit all GoPro camera editions and other camera sizes. To guarantee you of a smooth, stabilized photos and videos, it comes with an auto-levelling function. On the other hand, the Aerial Plus is able to offer an excellent high resolution in your photos and videos. Also, it features a Micro SD card, specifically-designed Ehang sports camera and a gimbal.


With the help of its smartphone app, the Ghost Drone is so easy to use and operate. Thanks to its great specs and features, this drone is a high performance, reliable unit you can use for both personal and business purposes. Drone enthusiasts are expecting more future upgrades, such as an FPV option or a 3rd axis gimbal, done by Ehang to make it the leading drone on the market.

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