The Xiro Xplorer

The Xiro Xplorer Review

For the full review and video, visit http://www.mediahalo.com/articles/xirofirst/
The Xiro Xplorer comes in the sub $1000 market to compete with the DJI Phantoms and alike. There’s not much to know about the company, they seem fairly new, but being that this is their first drone, it’s a really good first foot forward. It ticks off a lot of feature boxes, but does have some oddities I took it for some test spins. So, how does it look?
The first thing I really liked was that the gimbal can be easily detached, which is good for travel storage, and perhaps upgraded camera units in the future?
A physical issue is the way the battery attaches, with very tiny little tabs. There have been some users who report having the battery fall off in mid flight, likely due to improper mounting. A careful eye is required when mounting the battery. 
The gimbal functions well overall, but occasionally gives some visual jitters. This may be due to using a different model gopro than recommended during testing. You can also get a model with a built in camera.
Another big quirk is the documentation, it’s a folded travel map style sheet which does have a lot of info, but some info is either conflicting/unclear or not present. there is a port and a switch on the gimbal which I could find no reference to anywhere.
The controller is clean and simple, I like the pop out phone holder, but it’s not big enough to hold a tablet. Connecting the live feed was also an issue because of the lack of documentation, I had to dig into the forums to figure that one out. 
Overall the flight is stable, not rock solid, but stable. The motors spin smooth and the flight is very predictable. 
It’s an intriguing drone, it hits a competitive price point and feels like a well constructed platform. At this time Xiro is working on several new models which look to step things up even further. Looking forward to giving those a spin as well!
For the full review and video, visit http://www.mediahalo.com/articles/xirofirst/
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