Top 5 Ways To Start Your Drone Business

Top 5 Ways To Start Your Drone Business

The world population is increasing rapidly and starting your own successful business is getting harder every year as the competition gets tighter. More important than your business idea, skills and budget is the right timing to take action. There are a lot of programmers out there capable of creating Facebook, YouTube and such websites in just a few weeks, but the fact is, it’s just too late! It’s been only a few years since drones have created a buzz among people and businesses and they are at their early stage of attracting investors. If you are looking for creative and reliable source of income, here are 5 drone business opportunities that you may want to consider.

1. Wedding photography

Wedding photographers can use this option as an advantage to their business. These days, aerial photography for wedding ceremonies with the use of drones has become a new trend and the idea is getting viral all over the world. If you don’t have a background in wedding services and you find it hard to enter this business field to compete with the existing ones, Then be the first one in the town to provide drone photography solutions, train and support these companies.

2. Delivery drones

The use of drones for delivering parcels is another interesting idea you may want to add to your list. Giant companies are already investing on drones. Amazon Prime Air, Swiss WorldCargo, Domino’s pizza and DHL, are just a few examples . So, think of drone delivery business to serve your local area. I don’t say compete with amazon or DHL, but depending on your budget you can take a small piece of that cake out of the niche market. You can begin as little as buying a drone, learning how to fly it, and start with one small restaurant in your neighbourhood to let you slowly try delivering food with drones. If it was a success,then with no doubt you will figure out how to expand your business.

Top 5 Ways To Start Your Drone Business

3. Advertising

Nowadays, if a drone flies over the streets, it will capture people’s attention. Think of an advertising company and having these drones as flying billboards. One important fact is that this business may not be very attractive to investors in the next few years, when people are no longer excited to look at drones flying over their head. So, what is important here is right the timing to take action and to make decent money.

4. Farms

Think of how you can create professional aerial services to farmers. 3D Robotics is working on a new project to help farmers and to revolutionise agriculture. The drone flies over the vineyard and takes aerial images and then farmers use these images to see vine stress and colour variation which help them decided when is the right time to harvest the grapes. Your business can be based on providing these type solutions and training to farmers. If you want to be involved with even bigger projects, think of serving government by providing aerial services to check the gas pipes, railroads and such.

5. Security drones

One of the many uses of drones in the future is for security purposes. Soon, we will witness police drones following criminals in the highways, catching suspects from the crowd of people or taking photos of your car plate. This is all possible with the use of image recognition software. One business option is to provide drone security solutions to monitor private or public properties. A drone can patrol people’s house, companies, manufactures and such by flying over the premises and identifying intruders. The advantage is that the drone is not easily reachable and is safe from hands during the flight.

The last word

The opportunities that drones can give you are endless. I’m not emphasising to choose one of the above options for your future business. What I’m trying to say is that drones are very helpful in many ways and drone manufacturers are not able to serve and provide superb support to every specific need of all businesses. So, this is a good chance for you to find existing problems in any industry that can be solved with the use of drones, then establish your company based on providing aerial solutions for that specific industry with a great support.

You may have much more interesting drone business ideas than mine, for that reason I recommend you to do a lot of research to get familiar with all types of drones that are available in the market, read their reviews and learn more about their capabilities, limitations and features, then try to come up with a great drone business plan. For instance, you may not be aware of waterproof drones, but now that you know, it may help your creative mind for more interesting drone business.

Images: Steve JurvetsonGabriel Garcia Marengo

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