Toruk AP10

Toruk AP10

Toruk AP10 Review

Developing wireless transmission technology as the core, AEE has now diversified to build their own flying robots. Aside from their high-end police drones with mind-blowing prices, the production of the Toruk series has been their ticket to enter hobbyists drone industry. The Toruk AP9, Toruk AP10 and Toruk AP11 are the drones that you may want to look for and for the ease of research, you should know that the Toruk series mostly share the same features and their major difference comes from the camera. In this review I mainly focus on Toruk AP10 and briefly compare it with the rest of Toruk series. Buy here!

Toruk AP10 specs and features

Without Battery: 2.6 lb / 1.2 kg
With Battery: 3.3 lb / 1.5 kg
Dimensions: 14.6 x 14.6 x 5.5″ / 370 x 370 x 140 mm
Flight Time: Up to 25 minutes
Battery: 5300mAh 11.1V LiPo
Operating Range: 1640ft (500m)
WiFi Video Downlink: 2.4 GHz,
WiFi Range:
Up to 164ft (50 m) without extender
Up to 1000ft (300m) with extender

Toruk AP10 review

The Toruk AP10 has two flight modes, GPS and normal. The GPS mode gives the pilot less control over the flight, however, it’s a perfect condition for taking aerial shots as the drone is fully stabilized and if you are a beginner, it is advised to begin with this mode and make sure the GPS is calibrated, otherwise if the drone loses connection with your transmitter, the Return Home button will not save the unit for you. With the maximum flight speed of 25 m/s, the Toruk AP10 is one of those fast and responsive drones, So if you already learnt how to fly it and you are looking to have some excitement, just switch to normal mode. Although it is semi-stable, in this mode you have full control of the drone.

Toruk AP10 Camera and Transmitter

The AP series have a few different details including flight range, package and flight speed,but As i mentioned in beginning of the review the main difference comes from the camera. The Toruk AP10 has integrated camera, letting you take 16MP stills and capture 1080p videos at 30fps(frame per second). The reason i mentioned “frame per second” is because Some people simply miss the fact that the 1080p is different from 1080i, for instance the camera for Toruk AP11 captures 1080i at 60fps(field per second), so don’t make this mistake and think the camera for the second one gives 30 more frames than the other one. On the other side, comparing Toruk AP10 with Toruk AP9, the second model does not come with a built-in camera and it only has GoPro and AEE camera mounts.
The WiFi connection for live streaming is at the range of 164ft, however the extender, which comes with the package increases the range up to 1000ft, the transmitter itself does not have display for FPV, what you need is a compatible mobile device to view, both extenders and your cellphone can be attached to the transmitter. You can basically control the camera with the transmitter – the record start/stop and photo – but for more settings you need to go through the app.

Toruk AP10 Price

This is a RTF drone, so you don’t need to shop extra to fly this unit, but if you are looking a fan of FPV, you need to have a your own iOS or Android mobile device. The drone will cost you $699, the package includes Limited 1-Year Warranty on transmitter, Wi-Fi range extender, camera and AP10 (the aircraft).

A Final Verdict

In my judgment, the Toruk AP10 is not the drone you want for professional photography.The built-in camera is not as efficient as a 3-axis gimbal is, however considering the high speed, long flight time and the price, it is exciting to fly one of these units. One last thing is about the after-sale support; the company seems not really taking care of its customers.I hope the company consider this important fact that once the unsatisfied customer is gone, you will lose them forever.

Update: please check the latest price here!

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