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Turbo Ace Infinity 6

Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Review

Portable, versatile and high performance – these are what drone lovers say about the Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter. Turbo Ace takes pride of this unit because it belongs to the new era of super hexacopters. They are fully equipped with the best possible specs and features in order to give you amazing flying experience. Discover more interesting facts about this drone as you read this full review on Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter.

The Amazing Turbo Ace Infinity 6 – Specs And Features

25mph wind tolerance

Up to 25 minutes flight time (with lighter payloads, it can reach up to 40 minutes)

3xCW & 3xCCW, 15″ carbon fiber propellers

7lb (without battery/payload)

11lb (with 2x 5300mah 6S Batteries)

6 independent 45amp ESCs

5.8GHz Video Transmitter and Video Receiver (FPV recommendation)

Turbo Ace Infinity 6 review

The Turbo Ace Infinity 6 has been loved by drone enthusiasts due to its great design and high quality features. As a matter of fact, it features twice the payload of most professional octocopters. Needless to say, it can carry large lenses and DSLR cameras, such as Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark lll. The Infinity 6 Hexacopter is proud of its ESCs, high performance brushless motors and carbon fiber blades.

The most common problem among drone users is that they usually encounter structural problems when they have to remove, assemble, or disassemble different hardware or parts. The best thing about the Infinity 6 is the fact that it can be folded into a portable footprint because it can be locked into positions. This way, you can easily carry or transport the unit wherever you need to go. It even comes with a quality aluminum case so that it is protected whenever you transport or store it.

What You Will Love About The Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter

With its specs and features, this drone is suitable for professional aerial photographers. Another great thing about this unit is that, it is highly customizable. In other words, it can suit a broad array of lenses and cameras. It gives you the freedom to mount any camera, sensor or gimbal. Plus, you can also add accessories, change lenses and add filters.

As mentioned earlier, Infinity 6 drone can cater to a variety of DSLR cameras. It is even dubbed as a versatile, high performance drone for heavier DSLR cameras on the market nowadays. You can use your Sony GH4, Nikon D800, or Canon 5D Mark lll in taking captivating photos as you fly the unit.

How Much Is It?

If you want to purchase the  Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter, the package includes Advanced INFINTIY 6 Hexacopter System plus a Retractable Skid, Naza-M V2 Flight Controller plys GPS system, User Instruction Manual, 10000mah 25C 6S (22.2V) LiPo Batteries, Futaba 14SG Transmitter plus R7008SB and Telemetry, 6 Brushless Motors, 6 ESCs with Cooling Algorithm and 6 Carbon Fiber Propellers. The cost of Turbo Ace Infinity 6 Hexacopter is $3,499.99.

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