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Turbo Ace X830-D

Turbo Ace X830-D Review

Being one of the famous drone manufacturers on the market nowadays, Turbo Ace keeps creating drones that are suitable for a variety of activities such as videography, aerial inspection and aerial photography. One of them is known as the Turbo Ace X830-D drone.

One of the best things about this unit is that it is best for videographers and photographers because it is able to support heavy lenses and video cameras. Plus, it offers longer flight time compared to other drones. This full review on Turbo Ace X830-D will tell you more interesting facts about this drone.

Turbo Ace X830-D Drone Specification

1P 3290g maximum load

Class 5 wind tolerance

Outrunner Brushless Motors (4x)

35A Electronic Speed Controllers (4x)

892 mm × 892 mm × 262 mm (product dimensions)

2 x CW and 2 x CCW, 12” propellers

What You Should Know About The Turbo Ace X830-D

The Turbo Ace X830-D is a drone specifically created for professional and recreational applications, such as surveillance and aerial inspections, videography and aerial photography. This unit can be purchased fully assembled and programmed. Turbo Ace takes pride of the X830-D because it offers high performance features. These features include integrated vibration dampening super structure, DJI Naza flight controller and balanced brushless motors.

Turbo Ace X830-D : The Advantages

As you fly this drone, you will discover the great advantages it can offer.

Offers Quality Video – This unit is specifically designed with quality in mind. The X830 comes with dynamically balanced motors in order to minize the usual vibration problem. Once this problem is reduced, it leads to improved video quality.

Flight Stability You Can Rely On – Turbo Ace designed the X830 to be wind resistant. And also, it guarantees users of maximum auto stabilization. It is made possible by using two custom preprogrammed fligt modes, cruise and hover.

Efficient Cooling – The Turbo Ace X830-D utilizes four 35A ESC. It is below the main or central hub of the quad. With this particular location, there is lesser chance of ESC damage in times of hard landing or crash.

Outstanding Durability – One of the things you will probably love about this unit is its durability. It is specifically designed with dynamically balanced motors in order to withstand copious crashes.

Longer Flight Time – Another great thing about the Turbo Ace X830-D is its ability to offer up to 30-minute flight time. This is considered as the longest flight time in the industry.

Low Radio Noise – This unit features high performance 12-mm aluminum extension arms. These arms are bound to be stiffer. With this, it leads to reduced harmonic vibration and low radio frequency interference.

Easy To Maintain Drone – With this drone, you won’t have to worry that much because it is easy to maintain. Most quad buyers know the high maintenance cost of helicopters with copious rotors. Good thing, the X830-D comes with a friendly design, that is why it is easy to maintain. It comes with independent modularized components. These components can be replaced or removed with ease.

How Much Is Turbo Ace X830-D?

One of the important things you probably wanna know about this drone is its price. You can purchase the Turbo Ace X830-D at a price of about $1,235. It is not surprising to know that it costs more compared to other drones on the market since it is indeed reliable and of great quality.#


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