UAir R10 Quadrotor

UAir R10 Quadrotor

UAir R10 Quadrotor Review

Due to its great specs and features, the UAir’s R10 quadrotor was successful in its Kickstarter campaign. It has able to inspire a lot of people, specifically drone enthusiasts, because it is a great combination of durability, reliability and low price. As a matter of fact, UAir takes pride of this unit as an easy to build and easy to fly drone. Are you interested to know more about it? Read on and this full review on UAir R10 Quadrotor will tell you impressive things about this unit.

The Interesting Facts About The UAir R10 Quadrotor

According to the co-founder of UAir, Max Bruner, this particular unit is a helpful tool for drone enthusiasts, researchers and the development community. As a matter of fact, the company is using the drone as a platform for succeeding aerial utility vehicles. It is considered as the workhorse of quadrotors, specifically designed to be low cost yet highly versatile and capable. The R10 Quadrotor is known as a micro air vehicle that is easy to operate. Whether you are an ordinary drone enthusiast or a professional pilot, this drone is an ideal choice.

R10 Quadrotor Specs And Features

2200mAh LiPo battery

173g (weight of the frame)

400Hz multirotor optimized 20A ESCs

1100g (Standard) maximum flight weight

2100g (Advanced) maximum flight weight

9DOF Thalamus flight controller

Frame diagonal length (motor-shaft span): 400mm

2.4GHz 7-channel receiver

UAir R10 review

This multi-rotor craft utilizes 4 rotors in order to generate lift and hover. It is specifically designed to cater payloads such as sensors and cameras to be attached. With this, you can use the unit for a variety of tasks. According to UAir, this unit is more maneuverable compared to fixed-wing drones on the market. It is also more durable compared to model helicopters.

With regard to its frame, it holds the motors at a certain distance. It also offers a structure so that the payload, batteries and flight electronics can be attached. It is made of highly durable aluminum alloy, making it powerful and strong. On the other hand, the flight electronics are composed of a 3S LiPo battery pack, 4 ESCs and 4 three-phase brushless outrunners.

R10 Quadrotor Review – How Much Is It?

One of the things you probably want to discover about this unit is its current price. UAir wants to design a system that utilizes reliable features, a smart frame design yet comes with a very affordable price. The company wants every drone user to be able to afford the unit and experience flying the R10 Quadrotor. The UAir R10 drone can be purchased for $300.

R10 Quadrotor Review – A Last Thought

UAir specifically created the R10 Quadrotor to be a reliable and powerful drone to satisfy drone enthusiasts. Throughout the design process, each component was carefully considered in order to come up with a quadrotor that focuses on easy assembly, low cost and high performance. This particular unit has received positive reviews from drone users who have already used it. Just like any other drones, the UAir R10 Quadrotor will have more updates in the future.

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