Walkera QR Tali H500

Walkera QR Tali H500

Walkera QR Tali H500 Review

With its aim to continuously bring forth improvement and innovation, Walkera has been constantly challenging itself when it comes to offering high performance quadcopters and hexacopters. The company takes pride of its wonderful selection of drones and one of them is the Walkera QR Tali H500 hexacopter. Read this full review on Walkera QR Tali H500 GPS Drone to know more about this unit.

Why Opt For Walkera QR Tali H500 GPS Drone?

There are various reasons why opting for a Walkera QR Tali H500 hexacopter is an ideal choice for everyone. One of them is the fact that it offers a more reliable flight stability due to the presence of its rotors. These rotors can provide more stable flight and better wind resistance. On the other hand, you will love its clean, smooth, unibody design. Its modern industrial design is something to look forward to. Aside from this, this unit comes with retractable legs. As you fly this drone, you will discover its other advantages on your own.

Product Specifications And Features

Up to 25 minutes flight time

5’’ LCD monitor

G-3D 3-axis brushless Gimbal

Return-to-home fail safe system

Auto-cruise functionality

22.2V 5400mAH lithium-polymer battery

Intelligent flight battery

iLook+ camera (13 megapixel)

High-Definition sensor

12-channel transmitter

One-key auto take off

Retractable landing gear

With its 5’’ LCD monitor, you can monitor real-time temperature, GPS data and voltage. On the other hand, its Intelligent flight battery is capable of showing you low voltage warning and the remaining capacity. Meanwhile, its Auto-cruise functionality gives you the freedom to automatically cruise throughout the boundary of a personalized flight radius. Whenever you active its return-to-home function, the unit will autonomously go back and land at the take-off location. This means it allows you to fly with peace of mind. If the drone strays beyond its radio range, it will automatically go back to its original location.

Due to the presence of its G-3D 3-axis brushless Gimbal, the unit is easy to operate. Plus, it is very compatible with GoPro cameras. Users love this unit because it offers up to 25-minute flight time. Since it comes with an iLook+ HD camera, this drone is perfectly suitable for aerial photography for both amateurs and professionals.

Walkera QR Tali H500 Review

The QR Tali H500 Price and Package

If want to purchase Walkera QR Tali H500 GPS Drone online nowadays, the package usually includes 1 Tali H500 Hexocopter, 1 iLook+ camera, 1 charge and battery, 1 G-3D 3 Axis gimbal and 1 Devo F12E 12 channel first person view transmitter. You can purchase this drone at $1,899.00.

*Note: The prices and packages vary depending on supplier, resellers, time and other factors. Please check the product carefully and do not make any purchases based on the above information.

A Last Thought On Walkera QR Tali H500 GPS Drone

Although it is not the best drone on the market nowadays, the Walkera QR Tali H500 is something you can rely on for your professional aerial photography needs and hobbies. If you wish to know an update regarding this unit, feel free to visit our site on a regular basis.


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