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Walkera Runner 250

Walkera Runner 250 Review

If you think flying a drone does not excite you at all, then you have probably missed Walkera Runner 250. An RTF drone with a carbon fiber structure is already out there in the market and is ready to give you a vivid racing experience. Being fast and reliable, this drone will definitely surprises you when flying it for the first time, you don’t want to miss the great pleasure of racing at the speed of 40Km/h. Read more on Runner 250 review to learn what makes this little quad even more demanding.

250 Runner Specifications and features

Flight time: 12-14 Mins

Dimentions: 225 x 205 x 92 mm (8.8 x 8 x 3.6 inches)

Weight: 530g or 1.17 lb (Battery included)

Brushless motors and ESC

Working tempreture: -10℃~ +40℃

Camera Resolution: 800TLV

Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo

The design of Runner 250 is not as compelling as other drones in the market. This is a racing drone and what you must expect is to have a strong, light-weighted and equipped aircraft to be durable and efficient. With all that said, the design of this aircraft is one of the reasons that makes it very demanding for beginners. It has a modular structure, meaning,  you can simply assemble and disassemble every piece of it in just a few minutes, there is no need for soldering, all you need is a screw and the manual. There are also 4 powerful light bulbs in front and at the back of the drone making it easy for you to race at night.

Runner 250 Camera & FPV

The Runner 250 supports both Walkera and GoPro camera, which can be easily mounted on the unit. The angle of the camera can be vertically adjusted depending on the your preferences. Bear in mind that you should not expect to capture outstanding photos or videos, the reason you are buying this drone is because of racing, so all you need is to have ease of control and a clear view from the eye of your drone if you are using the FPV feature. The optional  Goggle2 FPV glasses is to provide real-time image transmission an OSD (on-screen display) is to assist the pilot with critical info during the flight, such as the distance, flight time and more on your screen. Moreover, Walkera promised buyers to provide real time image without tradition lag during the use of the camera.

Walkera runner 250 review

How much is Runner 250?

 In general, if you have already searched for available racers in the market, you should already know that this drone is incredibly cheap and in fact, it is bang for the buck. The price of Runner 250 depends on the package you choose and additional components, there are currently 5 different packages.The cheapest one is BNF(DIY) and it’s $1,50. It has everything you need to begin the flight, however in this package, the camera and FPV modules are excluded. Basically, it is called Runner 250 kit, meaning you need to assemble it yourself but there is nothing to be worried about as it is very easy to do so. Other packages start from $250 up to $728, like with many other drones, the price tag increases if you want to have more equipped drone including FPV, Goggle, ODC and such. 

The verdict

If you are a beginner and this is your first time looking to have a racer, the Runner 250 is highly recommended. The drone is affordable and the optional components are also cheap. After you already learnt how to fly this unit without crashing it, then you can get additional modules and simply mount them on your drone. There are other racers in the market with higher speed but they may not be a right choice for those who just want to begin flying racing units, the higher the speed the harder to control, what you need in the first step is to buy a durable and user-friendly drone that can be easily controlled.  On the top right of this review page you can find all the instructional videos that you need know about flying and assembling the Runner 250, you can also go to DroneShift TV in our website and watch stunning drone racing videos.

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