where to buy a drone

Where to buy a drone?

Where to buy a drone?

If you wonder where to buy a drone, here I listed a couple of choices where you can find good deals with fair prices. These online stores mostly focus on drones for sale, they are reliable to do online shopping with ease and peace of mind, some also provide you with financing option, so that you can pay for your favorite drone in small manageable payments. Most of these drones can be bought from their official websites, I’ll list them in further updates for this post, you can also find good deals on Amazon drone store, but for those of you who want to take a further step to find the best price, you need to do a little comparison among these stores, there is no website that gives every single drone cheaper than others, it’s just all about comparing and hunting for the perfect deal, If you know any other marketplaces that you think is worth it to include in the list, please let me know so I can add it for others to use.


This online store is pretty much famous for their lower prices and availability of their products, most of the time they offer their drones cheaper than anywhere else, and for those who want to build a drone, here you can catch good deals on parts and electronics. Go to page


This is another website where you can find drones on sale. If you don’t know which drone is the best to begin with, just go to their “top selling” page and look for a drone with best offer and most orders. Do not look for professional drones here. Go to page


Here is where you can buy your drone from China at wholesale price, they offer mostly cheap and small drones at a good price. They also ship internationally. Aside from discounts on the drones, there also offer stock clearances which leaves you with interesting purchasing options. Go to page


This is an RC shop, you have variety of options to choose from, their top selling items are the drones. You can find many new and interesting drone toys, there is also a “daily deals” page where they offer eye-catching discounts on drones. Go to page


These guys, I know them very well. I remember when I asked them what is especial about your offers in compare to other online stores? They said that they make sure the drones are in a perfect condition and tested before delivery, they do care about customer satisfaction. Also, they offer the drones with reasonable price and provide financing option. Go to page

Drones Etc

Here you can buy professional drones, what is good about this marketplace is that they offer full warranty and repair services, they too also provide financing option. There you can find drones with limited editions and also interesting drone bundles.Go to page


Here is where you should mostly look for small and cheap drones and there are not many options to buy professional drones. They have good customer service, they offer one-year repair and replacement service to many of their products, they also have a 45 day “no-questions-asked money back guarantee”, as it is mentioned in their website. Go to page


This website actually is one of my favorites, If you are into building drones, here is the right place for you to buy all you need. For the most part you can buy drone accessories and electronics cheaper than anywhere else. Go to page

Please make sure to check back for updates as I’m going to extend this list with more sellers and the list of the drones’ official websites just to make your research easier and your purchases safer. If you have any doubt or question in mind before buying a drone, do not hesitate to ask me, I’ll be glad to assist you.

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