Yeair! Review

Dubbed as the “Quadcopter of the Future,” Yeair! is currently getting attention on its Kickstarter campaign. As a matter of fact, it has able to reach its funding goal of €70,000. A lot of drone enthusiasts, backers and supporters are looking forward to this unit because it promises more payload, more speed and more airtime. Are you curious enough to know more about this fuel-powered drone? Read this full review on Yeair! drone.

Yeair! Specs And Features

Up to 100 km/h (maximum speed)

Up to 5kg (maximum payload)

Up to 1 hour flight time

4.9kg (weight)

55km (maximum range)

Yeair! review

Made in Germany, Yeair! takes pride of its lengthy flight time. With this, you can do a lot of things such as filming and aerial photography. Since it offers more payload, this drone is capable enough to carry a cinema-quality camera system. This is indeed a suitable unit for film makers and aerial photography enthusiasts. One of the most interesting facts about the Yeair! drone is its onboard 1.5 liter fuel tank, that is why it is the world’s first fuel-powered quadcopter.

According to its manufacturer, this gas-powered drone has the ability to handle strong wings. When flying this unit, you do not need to choose a perfect weather anymore. If in case it encounters engine malfunction, its dual motor system can offer a redundancy option so that you can bring the unit down safely. On the other hand, it also comes with a next generation GPS chip in order to give you fast readiness and highest accuracy. Moreover, its legs have swing-up feet. With this, it provides more speed and better sight.

When flying the drone, all you need to do is fuel up and then take off. This particular unit can be used by documentary filmmakers, specifically those who want to observe animals and other species without disturbing their daily routine. On the other hand, Yeair! drone is perfect for farmers who want to check the condition of their crop and control their fields with ease.

Another interesting thing about this drone is its autonomous flight option. With this unit, you have the freedom to create a flight plan and set waypoints so that it will have a completely autonomous flight.

How Much Is Yeair!

Of course, the cost is one of the things you have in mind. According to its Kickstarter campaign, the pricing starts at 1,399. With this price, you will have a ready-to-fly Yeair! drone, as well as a remote control, professional flight training in Berlin, yeair fuel container, wifi video transmission module and more.

Yeair! Drone: – A Last Thought

With all its specs and features, needless to say, the Yeair! quadcopter is definitely a must-have. Drone enthusiasts, filmmakers, farmers, hobbyists and photographers are looking forward to flying the first fuel-powered quadcopter in the world. Never hesitate to visit our site regularly for more updates about the Yeair! drone.

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