ZANO Intelligent Nano Drone

Zano Review (Discontinued)

After its successful Kickstarter campaign, the Zano Drone is ready to be the future of selfies and aerial photography. This palm-sized drone is loved by drone enthusiasts due to its affordable price yet reliable quality and performance. For the information of everybody, Zano is known as the brainchild of Lantronix. It is a UK-based company that manufactures software and technical products. If you are curious as to what this drone is all about, this full review on Zano Drone will tell you more facts you need to know.

Zano Drone Specs And Features

Up to 15 minutes flight time

5-megapixel HD camera

50 to 100 ft flight range

55g in weight

IR obstacle avoidance

Compatible with Android and iOS

2w Class D Audio Amplifier

32bit 330DMIPS processor

Zano drone review

One of the things you will love about this unit is the fact that you can control it via iOS or Android app and then connect it to your smartphone via WiFi. Since the drone comes with a 5-megapixel HD camera, you can expect it to take decent photos and selfies. You can fly the unit with a flight range of 50 to 100 feet. With its battery, you can fly the drone for about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that the flight time may vary based on some factors, such as the speed and wind resistance.

This particular unit comes with an IR collision detection. This feature is helpful in avoiding collisions. If you want to opt for manual control, you can use its “Free Flight” mode offering onscreen joysticks. With this, it can offer you the same experience as flying a drone with a traditional transmitter.

You can fly the done and use it to take selfies everywhere you go with the help of its “Follow Me” setting. The moment the battery drops or the signal gets weak, the unit will automatically return to you.

Another thing you will love about this drone is its lightweight and durable design. It also comes with an instant video and image sharing capability to various social networks. Moreover, you can expect clear and precise image capture because the unit features digital image stabilization.

Zano Drone – How Much Is It?

One of the great facts about this unit is its price. Its manufacturer wants to offer a drone that can easily be accessed by drone enthusiasts, specifically those who love to take selfies. With this, the Zano Drone can be purchased for a price of about £169.95.

Zano Drone Review – Conclusion

According to drone users and enthusiasts, the Zano Drone has brought taking selfies to a whole new level. Plus, it is not just best for taking selfies. It can also be used for aerial photography. Since it is cheaper compared to other drones on the market, this unit is made more accessible and affordable to drone lovers.

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